Monday, October 1, 2012

To the best family ever!

Hey, Everybody!
Glad Devin got his package, what day did it come? Ahh, Avengers; it's the one movie that's driving me nuts lol but it'll be there when I get home. Of course Devin's favorite restaurant (Denny's) is way out of town lol; can't believe you're 18; how does it feel? It sucks that Papa Murphy's over hired, that's kinda what happened to me with Buy Low; oh well, I'm sure another opportunity will come around.
Go Cougars! Elder Boman in Jackson Outer is a BIG USU fan, so we got a rivalry thing going on here, so BYU better step up and win, or I don't know if I can face him lol.
Yay! I'm so excited y'all got asked to fellowship a family, do work, Dickson clan! The awesomeness of helping people come to Christ is the best thing ever! There is something special about seeing less-actives come back that is different from gators coming to church; it just melts my heart when a less-active we have been working with comes back for good, and the "rescue" of members is as much missionary work as is teaching non-members. Remember, love them, and the rest will follow.
Nothing too new here, except we got transfers next week...
We did some service with a former gators; cleaned out all the tree remains from when we helped him cut them down; he's nice, but still isn't interested. We'll see...
Getting pumped for conference! Trying to get people to come see; problem is, this huge festival Jackson has once a year is on conference Saturday, apparently they would rather go to that than to hear a prophet of God speak; oh well, Author will be there, and that's what matters.
Had an interesting meeting Sunday; we met with Covington ward, where they announced that they were dividing up some of Covington and giving it to the Jackson Branch. We were ecstatic; some from Covington were not, but it's the Lord's will that matters. Had a tasty linger longer afterwards, which is always good lol! I'm not sure how they will divide up the area; maybe into a North and South Jackson, or an East and West, and give us a car! Too bad neither Elder I or I can drive (Elder I has a licence, but Georgia doesn't recognize it, and the packet for a new one I called the DMV about still hasn't come, so idk); that's why I think one of us (most likely me) is getting transferred in a week; but we'll see.
We are in Conyers right now; we got a ride up here so we could hang out with the elders up here and play ball and e-mail and whatnot (and so I could by a bike tire; I have been out of commission for like a week and nowhere in town do they sell bike tires lol); been fun so far.
Anyway, sorry my letters have been progressively shorter; there isn't much happening in Jackson, and all the oddities of mission life seem like nothing to me now; for example, we met a guy who told us he was abducted by aliens and had the scars to prove it, and I didn't bat an eye lol; or the guy back in Conyers who told us he was Michael the Archangel: yawn lol. The things that don't get old are the opportunities to see the gospel change lives, and that is worth all the crazy people and all the rejection in the world. I know my Savior lives, and this is God's work and glory, and it will roll forward like a stone cut without hands to every nation, crushing any feeble offense Satan tries to send up against it. I love this church, and I know it is the truth, the way, and the life Christ wants us to be apart of. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I can never deny that; not now, not after fighting for it for the past year and seeking comfort and truth from it's pages. I know this church has the proper priesthood authority and modern-day prophets, and that what we will here from them in a week is the will of the Lord for us in these last days. I say this in the name of the Master, Jesus Christ, Amen.
Thanks for all the love, support and prayers, and for keeping me updated with the family stuff and football stuff, I love hearing about it! Keep up the good work, and thanks for being the best family ever!
Take Luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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