Monday, June 25, 2012


Elder Dickson along with Elder Hansen, his new companion.
Hey family!
Short letter today. Not too much has happened here yet. My new area is kind like Conyers; the people are friendly, but not that interested in missionaries lol. Just like Conyers, there is a large population of African-Americans down here, and it's so fun! It's a different culture, but I've really come to love it! The work is kind of slow here; we really only have 1 gator with a date; a guy named Author (that's right, Author. I love it) who has come to church several times, but is still working on quitting smoking. Everyone else is hard to get a hold of, or else they are hot and cold with us. It'll be tough, but I've been having a blast, and I know success will come; through my faith, diligence, and heed, I will be lead to the more fertile parts of the land!
Elder Hansen, my comp., is pretty cool; he also enjoys Star Wars and superheroes, and is big into paintballing! He's kind of quiet, but has really opened up the past few weeks; he just got done being trained when I got here, but he is already a far better missionary than me. We also share the appartment with Elder Everett (our fearless district leader) and Elder Boman (who shares my love for quoting and singing Disney!) who work in Jackson Outer, and have a car; they are both pretty fun, and are easy to work with.
Saturday is was over 100 degrees, with high humidity; I just about died. Didn't help that we were doing a huge service project that day lol. My neck and arms are all sunburned. The weather is SLIGHTLY cooler than it was; 90 something, but July is supposed to be even worse. Yikes! If Mom thinks the humidity is bad in Nebraska, she would die in Georgia! I hear Florida is even worse than here.
The gospel is true!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

Monday, June 18, 2012

The new area (Jackson)

Jackson, Georgia is Casey's new area.
Hello, Dickson Clan!
Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, and pretty much every future or potential father everywhere! How's life in Not-Georgia? Things are pretty decent here; not too much is happening yet, but we got a cool old guy to come to church! He wants to get straight with God, and wants to quit smoking, so we are working with him. We taught him several times this week, and we are shooting for his baptism in July. Cross your fingers!
Also had lunch with a different cool old guy named Curtis; he isn't too interested, but he always wants us over for theological discussions, and discussions of other things, like sports and such. He gave us Apple cake on Father's day, which was awesome! There are a lot of very caring and friendly people in Georgia, even if they don't want to change... yet. We're working on it.
Had another good couple of lessons with a lady whose son had gotten baptized a while ago, and has since moved. She is interested, but won't commit to baptism till she knows it's true. Let's do it! Helping people recognize the truth is what the missionaries do, with a ton of help from the spirit, of course.
There are several less-actives we go see, just to make sure they are seen, and to try to help them get back to church. It always makes me happy when we see them at church.
We also had a couple of dinners this week with some pretty cool members named the Sherwoods and the Joneses; they are always willing to do anything for us, so we keep that in mind lol.
Still haven't met the Jackson's branch president yet; he is still in Scotland, where he served his mission. He was supposed to be back by now, but who knows?
We also had a lunch with this sweet old southern lady, who is the "Mayor" of the street she is on. Nothing happens that she doesn't know about, or approve of lol. She is funny, but also not too interested... yet.
That's about all that has happened this week. A lot of walking and "bounty hunting" (checking out formers and potentials); we did run into a guy who tried to tear down our faith (unsuccessfully, I might add); those kind of things would have shaken me months ago, but my testimony is firmly rooted in my Savior, and in the witness I recieved from the Holy Ghost that this church is true, and that the Book of Mormon is true. No offense to this guy, but I value God's opinion much higher than his. Church is true, the book is blue, and God is a Mormon!
Haven't done too much today; the missionaries here have what they call the kool aid challenge; the record is 12, so I think I got it in the bag lol. Also, i have been asked to speak in church next week; it has been awhile.
In response to your e-mail: Hey Shelby! So is marching band hard? I'm sorry I can't be there to see your parades, but I'll be there in spirit.
Good job on getting 1st place! Can't wait to get back and watch movies with y'all! Hope sports and summer and everything goes well! Love ya, Missy! 
Hey Mom; hope things go well as the move comences; sorry I can't be there to help. Hope the kids are making life easy for ya. Love you so much!
 Hey Devo, good to hear about the NBA Finals; I don't hear enough about it! I actually hope the Thunder take it; this might be there only shot. Take care, Devin!
See y'all in a year or so! Take luck! 
Love, Elder Casey Guy Dickson

Monday, June 11, 2012

A new challenge ...

It's what's for dinner ... just kidding!

Hola, Familia!
Greetings from the land of government housing and... I guess that's about it.
I spent most of the time Monday and Tuesday saying goodbye to all the members and converts and others whom I became incredible friends with. I got pictures, but had to use Elder Youd's camera (I had forgotten mine at the apartment), so I have to wait for him to e-mail them to me so I can e-mail them to you. It was sad, but it had to happen eventually. I'll never forget anyone in Kennesaw, though; my favorite area by far, in the best companionship (when I was with both Elder Bowers and Elder Youd). It's definitely a place I would return to visit someday.
Early Wednesday we drove to Lilburn (so Elder Youd could pick up his new greenie), then got a ride down to the Snellville building, where I got a ride down to Jackson with my new comp, Elder Hansen, from a small town I can't remember the name of, in Wyoming. He's a cool kid; he just got done being trained, and he's a far better missionary than I am; kind of quiet, but knows his stuff. He has been in Jackson his whole mission so far (poor kid...), so he knows it like the back of his hand.
Jackson is the most south of GANM (Georgia Atlanta North Mission), in the Conyers zone; it's like being back home lol. We actually drove past my greenie area on the way down; it was very interesting lol. Jackson on a whole is all farmland; the part we have is the little bit of city, which isn't much. We could walk from one end of our area to another in half an hour, and we usually do. There are only a couple people far enough to bike to save time, but everyone else is in walking distance; we've done nothing but walk the past few days lol. We share an apartment with Elder Boman and Elder Everett, (who cover Jackson Outer); both pretty funny guys. Elder Everett is the DL, and has a car, so we mooch off him a lot for rides and supplies lol. Most of the time though, we walk around looking for formers and potentials and less-actives and tract (just like Conyers lol) but there are a few people here who I'm excited for; two of them have baptismal dates, so we'll see where this goes.
When we got to the apartment, I unpacked, then we had companion study, since we missed it waking up early to transfers. Then we went to go see everyone in town, pretty much. We have met a lot of interesting people this week; some were crazy, some super religious and spiritual, and some with impressive vocabularies. Actually, we are received pretty warmly down here; the admire us for walking the streets, preaching Jesus, but it's "not for them." Don't worry, we'll get 'em!
Church here is in an office space (like the YSA branch in Kennesaw). They do it old school here; Priesthood at 930, Sunday school after that, then Sacrament at 11. First time I've had it like that before. The branch is small, but friendly. Good ole southerners lol.
Not too much has happened yet, so I'll inform y'all if there's any progress next time.
Looks like this are will be a little tougher than Kennesaw (okay, maybe a lot tougher) but this is what I have been praying for; more opportunities to show my diligence, develop patience, and increase my faith. Be careful what you wish for, because you usually get it lol! This wasn't really what I expected, but I'll go where he wants me to go, and I know that if I have the faith, diligence, and heed, I can be lead to the more fertile parts of the land. Church is true, book is blue, and God's a Mormon!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. WRITE ME, please? Will send more pictures later. Writing lots of letters to send your way so I can get some mail lol! See ya!

Monday, June 4, 2012

He's being transferred!

I'm getting transferred, I'm so excited! 
Hello, Dickson clan!
Guess what? I'm getting transferred again... to Jackson Inner on bike! Just in time for summer! Yay! (uggh) I'm going to be companions with Elder Hansen, who has only been out three months, so that makes me the senior companion... first time! I have to be responsible now... darn! Just kidding! Jackson is down in the Conyers Zone, so I'm going to be near my first area again! It's apparently a country kind of place, so it'll be a change from recent days. I'm kind of sad... I really like this place, and I wasn't really expecting to leave, but I'll go where He wants me to go. Elder Youd is training a greenie; don't know his name, but Elder Youd is picking him up Wednesday, and dropping me off. Got some time to say some last goodbyes. 
This week: 
Kent, our top investigator, is getting ready to be baptized next weekend; too bad I'll miss it lol. As long as it's done by someone with the correct authority, I'll be fine lol. Taught him 4 lessons combined into one; he wants to get baptized as soon as he can, so we're cranking through the lessons. Elder Youd will send me the picture, and I'll send it to y'all. 
Saw the Grueners a couple of times this week; still doing well, just wish she could give up some things so she can enjoy more of the blessings. 
Found out Wednesday Elder Youd was training, so we went up for a meeting in Lilburn on Thursday; it was nice, just long, and I did get to see Elder Bowers, which is a good thing! Poor kid is sunburned head to toe (he has fair skin, so biking in the heat has not been good for him) and is teaching the same people I taught when I was in Conyers, so it doesn't seem like much progress has happened there. After the meeting went to Atlanta's Best Wings (which I hadn't had a chance to go to yet, but is famous amongst missionaries). Wings is like my absolute favorite thing now; I can't go without them! 
Played Frisbee and baseball with the branch; I'm not really good at either, but it's pretty fun still. We got a few gators and less-actives and potential branch attendees to come, so it was definitely worth it! 
Had a pretty good Sunday; I got to see Keya again (she is my first baptism, and she's leaving for Hawaii in a few days), so that was good. Also had a couple surprise visitors at church, which is always fun lol! Taught some returning to activation members (a few who are preparing to go on missions), and also helped set up some of the pictures for the new branch building. 
That's about all that happened this week; it's been kind of slow otherwise. Elder Youd and his greenie are going to be doing a lot of tracting lol! 
So how is everyone? How's the summer? How's sports? I haven't heard from anyone in a while. 
Nothing else to say except I love y'all and miss y'all; I've almost been out a year, does it seem like that long? Won't be too long before I'm just boring Casey again! I got to make the best of what I got left. Church is true, book is blue, and God is a Mormon! 
Love, Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
Called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (July 2011 to July 2013)