Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome to Johns Creek, Georgia!

Casey's new mission area, about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Hey, Dicksons!
I loved the pictures that were sent they made me laugh! Turns out things like sidewalks and multi-lane streets only exist in the West... that's what happens when God plans things, lol.
The new area has been good to me so far; we are almost white-washing it, since an elder had gone home early, his companion was put in a trio with a different area for awhile, so there isn't too much to start with here at the moment. However, I have high hopes; there is great potential in this area, and the members are awesome, so I think it won't be long until the work gets rolling! John's Creek is a lot more city than Jackson; most of the people who live here are fairly wealthy; the members have taken us out to eat every night, and the ward mission leader surprised me some new shirts when I had ripped the pocket in one accidentally. How cool is that? There is a lot of diversity here; not only plenty of white and black people, but lots of Hispanics and Asians as well; there is a large population of Koreans in our branch, so they have there on Sunday school class. Church here starts at 1:30... holy cow! That takes up most of the day lol! All the members have been pretty friendly, and very willing to assist us when we need it; we will certainly keep that in mind lol.
On bike again, lol; Jackson wasn't too bad as far as distance or hills go, so I'm actually getting a workout up here in John's Creek lol! We have had some interesting adventures already biking and contacting, lol; John's Creek is a lot better about sidewalks than most of the areas I have served in, but of course not in it's fullness, lol. Have been ran off the road a few times; traffic is a lot busier here. We meet a lot of Hispanics walking, so the Spanish elders get lots of referrals from us, lol! Still learning my way around; you know how I am with directions, lol! I'm surprised I have done this well!
My companion is Elder Rogers from Heber City, Utah; we have gotten along swimmingly so far! It has actually been the smoothest transition I have had in a companionship; he's pretty chill, and loves BYU as much as we do! In fact, he would like to be a sports broadcaster, for BYU in particular; he did a lot of radio/t.v. stuff in high school, and knows his sports extremely well (to rival I would say even Devin, and that is saying something!). He also enjoys things I enjoy: missionary work (of course), Star Wars, Superheroes, reading, movies, video games, sleeping, teaching, gospel doctrine (and not-doctrine lol) eating, football, basketball, etc. We of course don't let these things distract us, but we have had some pretty in depth conversations about all those subjects, lol!
We found out Monday were I was going, and spent the whole day in Conyers having a last hurrah; then on Tuesday we had a zone training (which is like a zone district meeting) in Conyers again! Then I went to spend the night with Elder Everett at their apartment while Elder Boman and Elder Indriamiarina started their companionship that night! Didn't have too much time to day goodbyes (most of the people I wanted pics with I had got last transfer lol), so I called a few people, and did see the Sherwoods and the Hawkins and Sister Cox. I'll miss them, but I have been having a blast here! There are a lot of cool Elders in this zone! Elder Andreason (my MTC comp), Elder Chugg and his greenie, Elder Everett and his greenie, Elder Peterson, Elder Jarman, and myself and Elder Rogers, of course. It's gonna be big!
So Wednesday I got here and got acquainted with Elder Roge Poge (a name he has been known by since he was born in Stockbridge), bought food, ate dinner with some members, and biked around to get a feel for the area. Thursday, went to lunch with some of the other elders in our district (good to see Elder Everett again... it had been almost a day since I saw him last, lol), then went to work! Spent most of the weekend working on the map and getting he area book organized to go "bounty-hunting" for formers and less-actives and potentials. Sunday was good; talked to a recent convert whose boyfriend is interested in taking the discussions, and talked to some families with 9-year-olds then need help with baptism, so we're all for that! Had a Korean Social at the Bro. Lakip (the ward mission leader) that night which was fun; they have a lot of fun youth, and I have enjoyed fellowshipping with the members; I'm way excited for the big plans we have, we're gonna do work!
So how are y'all doing? How is school/work/play? Let me know!
Bummer about BYU; I actually heard about it from a member on Sunday who keeps Elder Rogers informed; disappointed, but I still love 'em!
Thanks all so far; been having a blast, and hoping with a perfect brightness of hope and steadfastness in Christ that we will find success when we concerate our efforts to finding the elect. Love ya! Take luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. I'll get some pics of Elder Rogers and I, just haven't thought about it lol!

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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