Monday, September 24, 2012

Conference is coming up!

The Fam!
I have wanted to do those sidewalk photos I sent last time for a while, and I finally found the perfect spot for it, lol!
I still think it's so cool Devin and Shelby are working; how do ya like it? How does it like y'all? Do ya ever work at the same time? I really hope Mom's job sitch will work out; y'all are all in my prayers constantly.
Darn for BYU; sounds like they have had a rough couple of weeks; glad Utah did too, though lol! Go Nebraskaaa!
Pretty sure we are watching conference at the church; hopefully we can get Author and a few other gators there, as well as some less-actives in our area. At every conference I have had so far in the mish, someone has gotten baptized as a result of watching it, and seeing for themselves that these men are prophets, seers, and revelators (A girl named Elizabeth in Conyers that the zls baptized, and both Jerry and Keya in Kennesaw!). I'm sooooooooo excited for conference, it's like the Superbowl for missionaries, lol!
The week hasn't been much different that it has been already; Been trying to find and teach and testify, and I know we'll find them! Author is a great guy, and would be golden if we didn't have to wait so long for him to be able to progress; others have dropped us or disappeared off the face of the earth. We have found a few this week, so we'll see what happens.
Thanks for all the love and support over the past year; I have always appreciated the candy and the notes y'all send to me, I promise to send y'all some soon. Devin's package is being sent today, pray that it gets there before his birthday, lol! Take luck! 
Love, Your grown-up son/ bestest friend/big bro,
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
Elder Everett (our fearless district leader) and I.

Elder Boman (Elder Everett's companion) and I looking tough.

Elder Indriamiarina starring as Morpheus in The Matrix, lol!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is it 'Book of Mormons' or 'Books of Mormon'?

These three pictures are a running joke in the mission; in Georgia (and in most states, I'm assuming), there is a minimum amount of sidewalk required in places deemed necessary to have them; of course, no one wants to spend a lot of money on sidewalks, so there are a lot of sidewalks left painfully unfinished. As a wise Elder I was knew said, "Georgia has the appearance of sidewalks, but denies the power thereof."

Hey, Howdy, Hey!
How are the Dicksons?
Sorry this is so late; computers went down again on Monday before I finished, and they just got back up today. Thanks for the package! I got it yesterday, it made my day! I am kinda low on food and money, so that gift was a real blessing, lol! Thanks so much, Mom, for giving me your scriptures to borrow, that really touched me. Thanks for being the best Mom EVER! And Devin's package will be on it's way by this weekend, so hopefully it will get there by his birthday; Happy Early Birthday, Deverino!
My week has been good; kinda same ol' same ol'. We continue to help Author out with his smoking and such, and he has been participating in class more; I hope we can keep this up till December when something clears up. Some of our other gators have dropped us, so we are looking for new ones! We are here for the elect, and God will point us the way, through our faith, diligence, and heed!
We did some service with a potential gator of Jackson Outer; we transplanted his vegetables to a different part of the garden, after we tilled it and mulched it. He is a way funny guy, but not super interested at the moment; I have hope for him, though! Had dinner with the Joneses, who are a way awesome family! Brother Jones is in the stake, and his wife is our relief society president! Her kids are some of the few that actually participate in class or in missionary work, so that's a blessing! We have dinner again with them on Saturday!
Today I am on an exchange with Elder Everett, our District Leader; he's from California (Northern, I think; by the bay area) and he loves baseball like no body's business! He's a good kid, and he's good at contacting, which is something I still struggle with. Elder I is with Elder Boman (my Disney enthusiast counterpart); we'll switch back at dinner.
We have been doing a LOT of tracting lately; it's the least effective way to find, but it's really the only option we have here at the moment; I know God will lead us to those who are prepared!
I have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot lately; I had forgotten how much great stuff is in there! Our Mission President's wife, Sister Wolfert, commissioned us to read it through again, and remember why we have it. I bear my testimony about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon; I know it's true because I asked God if it was, and that's the only way we can know of anything! I truly believe in the verse that says, "If ye believe in Christ, ye shall believe these words, for they are the words of Christ. (2 Nephi 33:10-12)." I also take it from Elder Holland's great-grandfather, "No wicked man could right such a book as this, and no good man would right it, unless it were true, and he were commanded of God to do so. (Safety for the Soul, Nov 2009 Conference Ensign)." How could it not be true? Who could honestly read it, and not wonder how a young farm boy could write such a complex yet elegantly simple book that does not conflict with the Bible in anyway? I know it's from God, and I know that since the Book of Mormon is true, Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith was his prophet and revelator in these last days, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom, preparatory for the second coming of the Messiah (Introduction to the Book of Mormon, last paragraph.). I would ask you all to, if you are not already, read the Book of Mormon together as a family, and individually, and discover once again why it is true and why we need it in these, the last days. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Anyway, how are y'all?
I hope work works out for everyone! I'm so glad Mom got a job (Go Mom!), and that Devin and Shelby are working (represent! Love you guys!)
Go, Cornhuskers (that's still weird to say, by the way...)! I heard about the BYU game from Brother Jones, that really sucks :(. I hope that BYU can start doing well again, I was getting used to it lol. Still love you, BYU! Dominate!   
Is this the same ward Dad has been attending since he got to Nebraskaaaa? It's fun to hear about the callings, since I am more involved with the leadership now lol!
Thanks for the package, and all y'all have done, are doing, and I know will do for me while I am in Georgia; it means a lot! It's so great that Mom and Dad made the wonderful decision to be sealed, and to have us kids; it means we will always be together! I love you so much, and appreciate the examples you all set for me to be better! Take luck!
Love, Your Grown Up Son/Older Brother/favorite person in the world,
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

Elder Boman and Elder Rinlausbaucher (probably misspelled) with the capes Elder Boman's sister sent him, lol. Elder Bauch (that's what I call him), was on an exchange with Elder Boman for the day; he was a funny kid!
Yours truly looking impressive, as always lol!

My family should be able to guess which movies these quotes are from (except for the first; that's an [Elder Dickson] original!):
1. Holy crap, where'd the freakin' sidewalk go?!
2. NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Darn you; darn you all to heck
4. I'm lost! Where's the line?
6. Blast you Who's!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you like this color?

The new mission vehicle. Pretty fancy, huh?
Hey, howdy, hey!
How's the Dickson bunch? What's new in Nebraskaaaaaa lol? Write me or e-mail me!
Anyway, this week:
Tuesday we pretty much got our parade rained on... literally lol! It has raining so hard and fast we had to seek shelter for a while lol. Puts a damper on your day when that happens (do do, tss!). Wednesday we also almost got rained out, but like studs we trugged on through it! Saw a gator who had disappeared for a while, but he was little drunken with wine, so we'll come back another day.
Thursday we had an awesome italian dinner with the Sherwoods (Sister Sherwood is a tremendous cook!) and talked to a lot of people while walking around.
This Sunday was stake conference, so we got a ride down to Jonesboro, and had a pretty sweet conference! Our mission president and his wife were there, and they spoke, as well as people from the stake, and a spanish lady who just got sealed to her family (my friend Elder Sarniguet translated for her), and a guy from Haiti or somewhere; he spoke french, just like Elder I! They had fun conversing afterwards... I also loved stake conference because I got to see people from the Conyers ward, and missionaries I haven't seen in a while. Author and his girlfriend came as well (we got a ride for them); they loved it, even though stake conferences feel kind of long, since you are sitting still for 2 hours. Author has come a long way, but there are circumstances outside our control that prevent him from being baptized this month; if fact, it looks like maybe December. Still, I love the big guy; he's fun to teach because he loves God and Jesus so much, and there is no room for doubt in his mind about their existence, which is cool to see.
Today I have been writing letters like crazy to people, trying to get some mail lol! Some might come your way!
That's about it for Jackson. The area is still just okay; not too much to report, but I know God sent me here for a reason, and I'm going to find it! Or them, rather lol. We did talk to plenty of people this week, but we are still waiting for the return appointment to see if they are golden or not. Still, I love it and wouldn't want to be doing anything else!
Yay! Devin and Shelby finally got jobs! Good for you, I've always wanted to work at Papa Murphy's; do y'all get discounts or anything? Cause that would be awesome! 
How goes it, Deverino? How's school, life, work? Hope all your wildest dreams come true! I am collecting the contents for your package, so look for it at the end of the month lol! Stay classy.
Glad Mom got a job, but still hope a better one comes along the way. Hugs and kisses, Mommy!  
Hey, Missy! How's school and volleyball and work and life lol? Where are y'all camping at for the Daddy/Daughter? I miss camping, and football too for that matter. But it'll be there when I get back lol. Love you lots!
I hope y'all are doing okay in Nebraska; change is difficult, and that's the problem here too, with missionary work; most people, especially me, hate leaving their comfort zone, but it's the only way we grow. A lot of times, if fact, most of the times, God's plan for us is very different from the plan we want lol! Something I have learned out here (I don't remember who said it lol) is that prayer is not trying to change God's will, but to find out what God's will is, and be at peace with that. It tries our patience and commitment, but it makes us better if we let it. Let God guide you, and you can't go wrong!
I love my Savior and My Heavenly Father more than life itself, and I do my best to please them each and every day.
Tah-tah for now! Take luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'd like to "bury" my testimony ...

My immediate family will remember I used to have trouble pronouncing things because I talked too fast or I mumbled; I used to say "bury" instead of "bear" when I'd get up on Fast Sunday as a rosy-cheeked youth lol.
Hello, Dickson clan!
Sorry I couldn't e-mail yesterday... the library was closed for the holiday, and that is the only place we can really go to e-mail because we don't have a church family history center nearby like in Kennesaw or Conyers.
What is up everyone? How's Nebraskaaa? How's looking for work? How is school? I wanna know (can you show me!)!  
Not much is happening here; the work is still slow; we have been street contacting and tracting and talking to people, but not too much has happened yet... I know it will, though! There is obviously someone here we need to meet and teach, because we are still here; we just got to go out with more faith, diligence, and heed, and we will be led into the more fertile parts of the land. (1 Nephi 15)
The weather has been rainy, which means it gets REALLY humid when the sun comes out afterward lol I have never sweat so much in my life, not even during football camp; it destroys my clothes, and I am rather self-conscious of my stinky sweat when we contact people, but it's all good; if they really are elect, they wouldn't mind a little sweat lol.
The apartment is pretty good; we call it the missionary manor, since it's a two story; it's a little homely, but comfortable, and I like it fine; at least we haven't had too may roaches or scorpions.
P-day is usually pretty boring here; there isn't much to do besides e-mail and write letters. And it's hard to play a board or card game with only two people lol. This P-day was extra boring since we couldn't even go to the library; we got to play some soccer, though, so that's something.
Author is still kind of stuck until some legal things clear up, but he is still a stud! HE bore his testimony of Sunday! He isn't even a member yet, and he stood up, walked to the front, and shared a powerful testimony. I love that big guy. He also had a very cool experience he shared about Christ coming to him in a dream, and answering his question about children who die without baptism (his brother...); the answer he got was the same answer that is in Moroni 8! We talked about that chapter this week, which was cool.
Also had a cool experience contacting; we were at the park, and some teens were playing soccer; we asked if we could join. My soccer skills aren't up to par, but Elder Indriamiarina's certainly are lol! It was kind of neat, cause we hardly brought up the gospel; they asked us about it (what we are doing, what we are, what is the difference between our church and yours, etc.)They asked us if we could play again sometime, so we gave them our phone number. It was kind of cool that one of the kids even said he might want to serve a mission some day!
We hang out with Terrell a lot now; a recent convert who has had it rough (and still does...), so we try to take him out with us on team-ups and such. Wish we had more gators for him, but it's all good.
That's about it.
Go Cougars! I have very much missed football since I have been out, but not enough to miss out on the great and marvelous work of missionary work lol! I'll take sharing the gospel over football anyday; still, I am looking forward to catching up once I get back home lol.
Go, Cornhuskers! It'll be weird to cheer for them, since I know nothing about them, or have even seen them play; I'm sure it won't take me too long to get with the program when I get back lol!
Devin! I love that you are going out on team-ups with the elders; it's the best thing you could be doing, good for you! I should have a lot more when I was home... I'm glad he had a good experience. I know the love of going out and helping people come closer to Christ. I wish I would have done more to prepare for my mission; read more, study more, go out with the elders more, etc. It's so great that you want to go out 3 or 4 times a month... please read the Book of Mormon all the way through, to get a copy of Preach My Gospel and study it, and to pray for attributes needed for missionary work (and Christian life in general); charity, patience, humility, diligence, faith, hope, knowledge, etc. Proud of you, love you!
Shelby! How is school; how is Lincoln; how is everything? If you are still planning on serving a mission, the statements above apply to ya too; love you bunches!
Mom! Hope that work finds you; God will help! I have a small request; my quad that I have had since I was 8 got some water damage when the rain soaked it while it was in my backpack; I would love for Christmas a new smaller button-snap quad with ELDER Casey Guy Dickson on it; Grandpa offered to buy me one, but I thought I wouldn't need it; I do lol I can't read my Old Testament and some of the New! Thanks for all you do, sorry to ask for so much stuff while y'all are still trying to get settled in Nebraskaaa but I would love and kind of need a new scripture set lol; I'm borrowing some from another elder. Thanks, love you THIS much!
Everyone else; thanks for all the support and love and prayers! Take luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
Called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (July 2011 to July 2013)