Monday, October 22, 2012

God bless America and the missionaries!

If I were president, every day would be P-Day!
Hey, Dicksons!
Greetings from Georgia, home of peaches that aren't even that good and people who smoke A LOT!

So this week I gave a training in District Meeting about Hope, and gave a talk on Sunday at church about feasting on the word of Christ at General Conference. Just my luck that both happen in the same week, lol! I was the last speaker; however I was left with 10 minutes to speak, so it wasn't too bad lol. I got a lot of compliments afterward, so I guess I did okay. Even as a missionary, I still don't like speaking to large groups of people about a subject I don't really know that much about. Oh well.
Tuesday we had dinner with Mandi, a recent convert, and taught her boyfriend the first lesson; he is open, but more lessons will tell where his interest level is. Mandi is pretty funny, but she needs to come to church more if she wants us to teach her boyfriend; the best teaching tool will be her example. Seeing them again tonite...
A member named Susan takes us out to eat twice a week; she is actually in PeachTree Ward, but she lives close and knows Elder Rogers from when he served there. She is super funny, and bought Elder Rogers RISK so we can play it on P-days. I never played it much, but now I love it!
We have done a ton of biking this week, looking for all the formers and potentials and such; success will come.
We have a lot of people to talk to, just need to sift through and see which ones really want this. Most of them are never home... 
Went to Stevie B's on Saturday... I have missed it A LOT since I have left Kennesaw...
Sunday was good; it's weird to have it so late in the day; with that and dinner are days pretty much planned!
Today we are playing basketball; YES! I have missed that too! Let the games begin!
Glad things are moving forward for Mom getting better work, I pray about that every day and night...
Darn it, BYU! Why do you toy with my emotions like this? I heard all about it from a member...
Go Nebraskaaa!
I think it is so cool that y'all are fellowshipping and are working with the missionaries; stuff like that never happened in Utah, so this is super exciting for me to hear, and probably exciting for the fam; it'll be good for all of us! Good call on promising blessings, Dadio! Elder Dick Reloaded! He lives again! Please keep me updated on what happens with them...
Anyway, my new companion is Elder Rogers, who is pretty cool: he loves BYU as much as we do, and actually wants to get into broadcast journalism at BYU! He wants to get a Communications degree, just like Dad! Do you have any advice for him? John's Creek is a ritzy area that is very diverse, as far as whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. I like it; the members are very nice, and we have been fed every day this past few weeks! Met a few members that lived in Utah county temporarily, and knew some kids I knew from school and youth stuff. I have enjoyed it a lot! The work is a little slow, but we have some good potentials, and some 9 and 10 year olds that need help setting up baptisms, so we got some work to do!
Thanks for all you do, and know that y'all are always in my prayers. Take Luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
Elder Dickson's new companion, Elder Rodgers.

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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