Monday, January 30, 2012

On the move again!!!!

Casey at the Anna Ruby Falls in Georgia!
Hey, guys!
Guess what? I'm getting transferred again! I'm going to be in a threesome with Elder Youd and Elder Bowers in the Kennesaw area, south west of Dahlonega. It's the singles ward, I think; I heard they have 3 baptisms lined up there already; those will be the first ones of my mission. I'm sad but excited! I will miss everyone here, especially since DeAnna, the sister of Sister Bowers is getting baptized in February, and Brother Sandoz and the Fenyos, but it's all good. All that matters is that someone baptizes her, and that the less-actives continue to be seen. I know Elder Youd from high school (you saw him at stake conference, remember?), and I heard Elder Bowers is a funny kid.
We are heading up to the Sugar Hill Stake Center in Wednesday to make the switch, so I'll be doing some last minute goodbyes today and tomorrow. It has been good for me to be here; I have learned a lot about myself and missionary work in general. I look forward to the opportunity to serve in Kennesaw.
Anyway, the best part of this past week was DeAnna choosing her baptismal date of the 25th of February! Yay! She has been holding out on us for months, but she finally came through. Sweet! Her family is so happy; they have been waiting for years for her! Big family reunion. Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Loader, who is a way awesome kid; he came out this last transfer, and he already knows more than me lol.
 We had a good time, and I got to see some people in my old area: the Fenyos, Brother Sandoz, the Alfaros, and the Rudisills, who are getting baptized in February as well; the Rudisills have come a long way since Elder Asher and Elder Montez first approached them; they have both read the Book of Mormon and are keeping the Sabbath day holy and they threw away all their coffee, etc. Elder Harper and Elder Loader did a good job on them when I was gone!
It's so awesome to see how Gospel can change some one's behavior for the better, in record time!
Wednesday and Friday we were at the Ric Rack again; some tension this last time. There is a lady there who keeps trying to boss everyone around, which causes a few problems; she is a volunteer, and has no authority over anyone else there, and she is always telling people how to do it right, then turns around and asks us to help her with something she could easily do herself. The guy who is actually getting paid, and is on the committee, finally asked her to calm down or leave, and she stopped for awhile. We left a little early because the tension was still pretty thick. Anytime you get people working together, there are going to be differences.
Elder Asher and I have had no real differences or problems with each other since I've been here; he both love football and basketball and Pokemon and Digimon and Star Wars and Harry Potter, etc. I'll be sad to say so long, but it's all good; we can't afford to get along to well, or no work gets done.
Friday we had a delicious authentic Mexican dinner courtesy of the Gonzales family; it was awesome! Elder Asher and Elder Harper had an eating contest, which Elder Harper won, of course (I don't know where that kid puts it all). Saturday we had an authentic English meal at the Adam's (Yorkshire pudding, roast, smashed potatoes, etc.) which was also awesome; I have been eating pretty well here; too bad my new area is a car area, I have some pound to work off. We also had a dinner celebration of DeAnna accepting a baptismal date at the Bowers, where everyone there (the Kings, Brother Ballew, Dahlonega and ourselves) bore their testimonies. It was a nice little get together.
Sunday we had stake conference, which is weird, because we just had it a few months ago; anyway, we had an investigator who lives in our complex come to church with us. He is always at the front office of our apartments working out while we are in the computer room, e-mailing. We got into a gospel discussion the other day, and he agreed to come to church if we could find him a ride. We had a broadcast from Salt Lake, specifically for the southeast North American region. Elder Ballard and Elder Gonzales and a few others spoke to us via satellite. It was a good session, and the guy we brought said he liked it; he loved especially the good feeling he good inside our church, and would like to come back sometime.
Today we played b-ball and waited for calls about transfers. Elder Asher is staying here and is getting a younger but not a green companion; everyone else is staying. I'll miss everyone here, but I'll go where He wants me to go.
Anyways: It's still pretty warm but rainy here; I heard it was a pretty snow less winter in Utah, is that true?
Go Giants! Anyone but the Pats, lol.
I can't believe I have been out six months! I'm not a greenie anymore! Yay! We'll see how things go in Kennesaw; wherever I'm sent is where I need to be. I love y'all and miss y'all! I'll tell ya how my new area is!

Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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