Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Hola, Familia!
Hey guys, good to hear from you! Happy New Year! It's been a weird week; everyone is gone for the holidays, so we aren't getting the work done that we should. I hope we can contact them this week, with the holidays ending.
Anyway, we played a pretty good b-ball game on Monday with some people from the ward, and I scored! Yay! (People who know me know that that is a big deal for me lol). Tuesday a got a pretty brutal haircut (a 3; yikes!); I look like flattop now lol. Met one of our investigators; she is the sister of a member, and she is ready for baptism, but for some reason, doesn't think she is. She is almost blind, but still enjoys four-wheeling around her house (while the neighbors watch from their windows, cowering inside their homes lol). Hopefully she'll reveal her concern to us.
Wednesday and Friday we worked at a thrift store/ food bank called the Ric Rack. It is a lot of fun; Brother Ballew, a member who gives us rides all the time, always works there, along with a lot of really awesome, funny, and kind non-members. It has been a good experience to represent our church and our Savior through service. Last week when we were there, a guy pulled me aside and asked me what our church thinks of Christ. I told him he is our Savior and Redeemer, the Son of God, and it is only by and through him we can return to our Father in Heaven. He said, "oh, good. We are on the same page then." He didn't pursue any further, but opportunities to share our beliefs, especially when they ask about it, are always good!
We have been working with a member who had spent the last 18 years in inactivity; she is returning super strong! We are teaching her daughter as well, so we'll see how that goes. She is also dating a new member in the ward, who is also legit; I hope that all works out, he's a great guy and would it would be good for the both of them.
Saturday we played football at Central Park (not the one in New York lol), where there is a pretty nice turf field. We played with members and non-members alike; it was a lot of fun! I caught some passes and even scored, but mostly blocked on offense and rushed on defense. I haven't played like that in ages, I am whooped. We also went to Applebee's with the Coal Mtn. Elders to celebrate our victory. The waitress who served us has Mormon parents, and loves the missionaries, so she paid for our meal before we knew about it and could stop her. We left her a big tip and a copy of the Book of Mormon; we'll see how that goes. We also picked up some sparkling cider (which is hard to find out here) and stayed up to maybe 1030 before we passed out lol. I just can't do it anymore!
That's all that happened this week; Sunday was only an hour and we had dinner at the Mulberry's, the super members in the ward!
Go cougars! I heard it from a member that they won, and I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! I'm upset Utah won (and so are some of the members here lol), but what do you do? It's good that BYU B-Ball is doing well, what is there win-loss so far?
Thanks again for all the gifts; I'm working my way through all the goodies and I love the scarf, it actually works out here lol! Hasn't been quite cold enough for the gloves, but they are super warm and I can't wait to use them lol!
Good luck with T-wolf b-ball, Devin and Shelby and Mom; you guys rock!
Happy New Years, Aunt Nina!
Happy New Years, Grandpa and Grannie Shiela!
Happy New Years, Aunt Darcell, Uncle Charles, and Rebecca!

And a very Happy New Years to anyone else who reads this! Thanks so much for all your support!
Thank you all for the examples you have set before me, especially you, Dad; by serving a mission, and raising us in the Gospel, you set the standard for us young men in the Dickson Clan: In this family, we serve missions. Thank you too, Aunt Nina and Uncle Darren ( I need his e-mail address, by the way), and everyone else in the fam who served missions. For those deciding whether to go (Devin, Ethan, Myles, maybe even Shelby), this has been the best decision I have ever made it my life; I never knew how great the work really makes you feel, and I can only hope it will make me as much an awesome man, husband, father, and priesthood holder that our father is. Go on a mission, and become a man (or a woman, to be fair [Shelby]). The church is true, the book is blue, and God is a Mormon!
Love y'all so much!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

P.S. I sent you an email, Devin, with instructions on how to download the game. Hope it works! Go T-wolves!
P.S.S. You can write your letters as long as you want, Shelby. I absolutely love to read them! Go T-wolves!
P.S.S.S. Mom, thanks for being awesome! Good luck with life and work and b-ball and volleyball! Go T-wolves!

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Casey Guy Dickson
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