Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to Kennesaw, Georgia, home of the Owls!

"Jesus loves everyone, even the Jews!"
Hey guys!
First off, that quote that is my title came from a member's four-year-old little girl who told us this when we were sharing a spiritual thought after a dinner appointment. I thought it was hysterical! We showed her a picture of Jesus (which she recognized) and asked her if Jesus loves us and how we can show our love back to him. We couldn't help laughing, tried as we might; makes we wonder what they are teaching in Primary nowadays lol.
So, it has certainly been a fascinating week in the land of anti-material and missionary members lol. Let me take a second to explain; I was transferred to Kennesaw (not quite city, but not quite country), where I and Elder Youd and Elder Bowers cover the Kennesaw ward and the Big Shantee YSA Branch on the Kennesaw State University (the Owls) campus. I got here Wednesday, and things have already been hectic; we had a wedding/ baptism for a family this Saturday, which almost didn't happen (things can never go as planned; something has to go wrong). They have 7 crazy wild children (one of which is 9, so she was baptized too) with another one on the way (I pray for the parents), and a couple of ... interesting relatives who showed up at the wedding and baptism; let's just say some of them were a little out of it. I'm very happy, though; this family is way cool and have such a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith; they pray in thanks for those things specifically every prayer they have given. The problem was they didn't tell us he had to work the Sunday they were supposed to get confirmed. Whoops. If we had known that, we would have postponed it till next week (which is what we almost had to do, things were so stressful). Seems like we need to talk more about keeping the sabbath day holy; a new concept for some people. They were apologetic and felt bad for not making it to church; the wife committed them to make it to church every Sunday for the rest of their lives! Let's keep our fingers crossed; Satan will definitely take advantage of this interesting situation; they are not members, but they have been baptized by proper authority. This is prime time for the evil one to tempt and seduce and cause this great choice they made to be farce. We must always be on guard; he tries his hardest on those doing the right.
First thing we did when I got here was we went out to a Mexican restaurant to eat, courtesy of a member (Feed the Missionaries!). Sister Brock is the Relief Society President, and is a Super Member! She brought her nephew (who she has custody of), and he expressed an interest in getting baptized into this church. Yay! He and Sister Brock were at the food distribution center (hosted by a Baptist and Methodist Church. Thanks, guys!) when we went Saturday to volunteer. He was at church Sunday, and loved it! We are teaching him for the first time today; I hope all goes well.
Anyway, the members here are so missionary-minded; this fast Sunday, almost everyone who stood up to bear their testimony talked about a time that week or month they had given out a Book of Mormon. Wow! They have been taking good care of us so far, and always have referrals and stories of missionary opportunities; both of the wards! The YSA ward members are so gung-ho (most of them are RMs) and we have several LIMPs (Lessons to an Investigator with a Member Present, which is where baptisms come from, boys and girls) set up for this week. I'm way excited about the ward going on in this area.
We had been praying for finding opportunities; that has been what we have been struggling on since I got here. Now I know that with faith, diligence, and heed, the Lord will bless us with success after we have done all we can and continue pressing forward.
We found a guy in his garage; he invited us in, and we had one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. It was an awesome first lesson; he already had a Book of Mormon he got from a friend, already believes in it, and already wants to be baptized. Yay! To think we never would have found this obviously prepared person if we didn't decide to walk down that street, or if we decided not to talk to him. I'm excited for what comes next.
We did have some street contacts who were well versed in anti-literature, but with the Spirit and truth on our side, we confounded them without having to bash or argue; the Book of Mormon and the Restored Gospel explain themselves. We testify of the truth, offer to let them find out for themselves, then depart in peace (there is no point arguing with those who just want to bring you down.)
I can remember every single good time I've had here in detail, while the occasional bad ones fade away rather quickly. Every time someone challenges my faith, it becomes strengthened (for would the evil one and his followers try so hard to bring us down if we weren't?). Every time someone tells me I don't believe in the real Christ, and that I should just go home, I gain and regain a testimony in our Loving Heavenly Father, His Beloved Son, who is Jehovah of the Old Testament, the Savior in the New, and is the God of Heaven and Earth, and He created all the things that in them are. I reevaluate my commitment and dedication to spreading the gospel, which somehow becomes stronger every day, even when I thought I couldn't give any more. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true, guys. How could something so plain and simple and obvious and logical and spiritual not be true? In his holy name, even Jesus Christ, Amen. 
P.S. So... how are y'all doing? Haven't heard much in a while; how's life, what's a happenin'?
P.S.S.  I'll send more pictures when I can find a computer who will let them; this library computer restricts it.

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