Monday, July 2, 2012

"I saw that!" --- God

Hello, Dickson clan!
It is so freaking hot down here lol! This past weekend was terrible: 106 with crazy humidity! It was record breaking for so early in the summer! No one was outside to talk to because it was so hot! Today is is much cooler, since it rained pretty bad last night; we got drenched!
Other than that, things have been going great! Author is still good for his date, and he is down to 1 cigarette a day, which is far better than he used to be; we'll get it! His girlfriend has expressed interest as well, so we'll see were that goes! He loved Fast Sunday; it's always the best meeting of the month! Then we went to take him home (courtesy of Brother Numa), and had an awesome conversation, in which he told us he knows this is true and can he get baptized sooner! He's our ray of sunshine here; everyone else is either hot and cold with us, or are super friendly, but not interested.
Brother Numa is the funniest guy I have ever met! I know I say that a lot, but he is! He is Haitian, so he has a french accent, and always comes to church in a sweet suit! This time, it was a tan 6 button suit! Way sick! He is rich, but no one is sure what he does... lol. His step-son played for the Utah Jazz, but for the life of me I don't remember his name. That is where he first ran into missionaries; he tells us he was a hard nut to crack, but he finally got it! He often tells us how modest he is, and what a great driver he is (both might not be true lol), and he is always willing to do missionary work with us! Sadly, he is leaving in a week or so for New York; oh well.
We met a father and a son that hang out by Family Dollar, because the mom/wife works there. We talk to them all the time now; most of the time, though, the dad (who is a druid, interestingly enough) is the one talking; from UFOs to Leonardo Da Vinci to blind rages to monkey brains (apparently, they are a delicacy). If we get a second to talk, we'll see if we can swing by for a teaching appointment lol!
We also see Sister Cox regularly; she is a sweet old lady at a nursing home who loves (and sort needs) visits from us; in every area in the mission, there is an older person that the missionaries are supposed to visit, and it's actually pretty fun! She says she wants to get a ride to church, but every time we set something up, she doesn't feel good enough. We'll get her.
Met a guy in an electric wheelchair with one leg; he says he'll swing by the church sometime, and we plan on visiting him again soon.
The other Elders teach this cool guy named Dan Eddy (that's right, Dan Eddy, the man with two first names!); we always go with them to do service on his farm. He is a slower process, but he always hints about joining the church, and will randomly ask questions about the gospel. If they pursue too hard though, he changes the subject. He's so cool though, I hope it all works out! Church is true!
There is this super cool couple we see regularly; not super interested yet, but they love us! The husband is a rocker (with a poster and everything!) and his wife is trying to get a job with Georgia Power, so they might be moving soon; that's ok, we'll send the missionaries there after them lol!
Oh, the other Elders might be getting a different apartment, so Elder Hansen and I might have to two-story all to ourselves!
And that's about it. Please e-mail me or write me and tell me what y'all are up to! What have y'all done so far this summer? How's sports/ work/ play? Let me know!
Anyway, not too much happening here yet; I know that with our faith, diligence, and heed, we can be led to the more fertile parts of the land. Take Luck!

Love, Elder Casey Guy Dickson

P.S. Please send candy (and money if you want, lol jk). My secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret secret stash just ran out lol!

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Casey Guy Dickson
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