Monday, July 9, 2012

"Don't be a casual Christian; You'll only become, in the battle for our lives, a Christian Casuality."

Hey Dickson clan!
Greetings from the land of... darn, I've run out of southern traditions! I'll have to ask about some more.
Anyway, it was a pretty good week this week; We have still been meeting with Author; his date was moved back to the 28th of July; he hasn't quite kicked smoking yet. He's doing good though; he's been to church four times now, and has officially been taught all the lessons! He loves the Book of Mormon, but his eyes are too bad to read it on his own, so he has us or his girlfriend read it to him; legit! We will be getting his big print BoM at District Meeting tomorrow. We had another pleasant surprise this week; we found one of our 'gators that fell off the map! He was investigating for the first few weeks I was here, then after his Dad pretty much chased us away, he sort of disappeared (his Dad probably told him to avoid us). We saw him on Saturday; he came over to us, and told us he was still interested in coming to church, and that we'd see him tomorrow. And he did! It was pretty cool; not that we try to show off, but it's good when the members see us bringing people to church; it gets them excited about the work, and they start to get more involved. That's really what we need here; unfortunately, this branch isn't quite as excited for missionary work as Kennesaw was; but it's all good, we'll get 'em!
Oh, also found out that the other Elders who stay with us are officially moving to a member's basement this coming week; it's nuts! We have been scrambling most of this week, getting ready for that to happen. It'll be weird having that two story apartment for two people; that's what I did in Dahlonega.
There is a less-active member family that we see every Monday night for dinner, and sometimes another day of the week, that we are working with; they want to stop smoking as well. I don't know too much about addiction recovery, but I know that Christ is the Master Healer, and His word can do astonishing things for us if we read and follow them!
Tried to spend some more time finding (a.k.a. tracting), and it's been working pretty well; got a couple of return appts. and also gave out some BoMs! Awesome! One of them was this cool older guy who's daughter and granddaughter are members, and he's sort of curious as to what they believe. I'm excited for him!
Spread some mulch hay for a part-member family; it was pretty fun, actually, and they are both pretty cool! They got two little kids who are absolutely hysterical! We usually go over there and/or to Dan's house on Saturdays. Dan is pretty cool; he's the other Elders 'gator, but we see him pretty often. He's a slower process, but he is really funny, and loves us to come over! So we'll see.
That's about all for me this week. The Fourth of July wasn't anything spectacular; holidays just don't mean the same as a missionary. Didn't even really get to see fireworks, which is fine; they aren't really great out here, I've heard. We did have some awesome ribs and homemade garlic bread from the super members, the Sherwoods! She is a cook by profession, so every meal we have with her and her husband (and we eat over there frequently; once a week at least!), it's the most delicious thing I've had out here! We even had root beer cake; don't ask me how, but in some crazy way, we had root beer cake! It was awesome! Actually, the Sherwoods are the members the other Elders are moving into; lucky!
So how are y'all?
So I heard from Dad that the move is finally going down; sweet! I wish I could be there to help with the move; I'll just cheer y'all on from all the way over here lol! Go my favorite sports team, go! Score some more goal basket units (good ole Brian Regan)! Devo, you'll be 18 in September, that's crazy! Wasn't so long ago that I was 18; don't do the stupid things I did at that age. Just because we legally become an adult doesn't mean we actually know anything lol. Listen to Mom and Dad! They're smart! How is the summer going? Have you gotten taller since I left? You better haven't!! Lol jk jk.
And Shelby; how the heck did you turn 16 already?! You had just turned 15 when I left; how long have I been out!? Oh yeah, almost a year. I guess that makes sense.
Anyway, sounds y'all will be 4/5ths of the way complete as a family lol, which is better than 1/5 or 3/5. And by my year mark too (July 27th); time has flown by so quick! Life never really goes the way we suspect; that is why God is in charge, and not me lol!
Thanks for the e-mail! I love hearing about what y'all are up to; I do miss you guys, but I think I'll stick it out about another year or so lol! Good luck with all your hopes and dreams! Your prayers are felt and appreciated; I hope y'all can feel the ones I'm sending your way! Take luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. Please send candy. Love you all!

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Casey Guy Dickson
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