Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday to Casey!!!!

Casey before junior prom in 2009. Now, he's 20!
Hello, Dickson clan!
I'm 20 today; can barely believe it! I can't really wrap my mind around being 20; I just got comfortable being 19! By the time I get used to being 20... I'll be 21! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Where did the time go? I've almost been out 10 months...
Anyway, holidays on a mission aren't too exciting; all it means is that no one wants to be bothered, and we don't stop working! Fortunately, today is a P-day; get to relax a little bit.
Anyway, what I did this week...
Tuesday we played Ultimate Frisbee with the young men and some of our investigators; it was good to our 'gators to be friends with people in the ward; it's kinda the whole idea lol! We taught about Helaman's Stripling Warriors, and about how they survived because the obeyed every word of command with exactness (Alma 57: 21, 26, 27). Also taught Sister Brock's nephew 3 times this week! Hope he doesn't get sick of us lol! We also had District meeting in Sandy Plains because we had interviews with the Mission President, which is always fun; he is incredibly caring!
Taught Jerry Thursday about fortifying ourselves (Alma war chapters), and he came to church; he is doing well, and I think we can baptize him soon! He is fasting about his date this last Sunday, so he'll tell us this Wed. when he wants it. 
Had a super spiritual lesson on Friday; we went to go see that family of 5 we haven't seen in awhile; she has been super busy, and has heard "stuff" about us. We chatted, cleared some things up, and invited her to come take a tour of our building real quick; she followed us there, and when we got into the chapel, she broke into sobs, saying' "I'm home..." We thought that would for sure help her come to church, but we didn't see her. Have to go see what's up.
Haven't done too much today; got a call on Saturday that Elder Bowers is getting ET'd (emergency transferred) to Conyers (the exact same place I started my mission!). Not sure why yet; we don't really get those kind of details; they just need a missionary down there pronto! That's the whole reason for trio companionships, so that there is a spare if a missionary goes home or something. Elder Youd is staying, but I'm going too miss Elder Bowers; so will everyone else in the ward and branch; he has been here for just over 6 months. We spent most of the weekend taking him to members homes to say goodbye. We said goodbye to his converts (Sarah, the Smalls, and Keya). At Sister Gruener's, we walked into her backyard (where they usually are) and saw them capping squirrels with thier pellet gun. Only in the South. She was super sad to see Elder Bowers leave. Oh well. It had to happen sometime.
To make Elder B happy we went to the Civil War Museum he wanted to go to; it was kinda funny actually! Rebel pride is still alive, and it shows lol! Anyway, we spent most of the day helping Elder Bowers pack; he did make me some coffee cake, so that was pretty cool! Aunt Darcell sent me a CD, and I haven't gotten a hold of Mom's yet. Did you get your birthday gift yet, Missy?  I sent it last Monday, so it should have gotten there by now. I dislike snail mail strongly; the problem with the postal service is that it is run by humans lol!
Anyway, we just got done eating at BBQ Street, which is a pretty good restaurant, especially since missionaries get half off because some members own it. Sweet! Then we helped Elder B finish packing, and now I'm sitting in a library sending this e-mail! Soon we'll leave to go drop him off in Lilburn. Kinda sad, but good. He needs to experience new areas and members; he'll do great, he's a fantastic missionary and friend. 
Anyway, what have y'all done this week? Did you see Avengers, Shelby? Was it good? How about the Last Airbender? Actually, the other day, we were on KSU campus, waiting at the LDSSA (the LDS club for KSU) for a potential investigator to show up; turns out they got lost, so we are going to meet up another day, However, while we were waiting, the MSA (the Muslims club next to us, who are all super nice people) students were watching The Legend of Korra on their laptop! I could hear everything as I sat in the cube; couldn't see it, thankfully, but it still made me kinda trunky. We left soon after that; couldn't take it lol. I know that my mission is more important, and it will be there when I get back, but I still wanna see it lol. Next time, baby!
Are y'all heading to Nebraska this summer? I'm sure it has been tricky; it'll be a big change. But I know that you all will be blessed immensely; new place and people and area; it'll be very good to help Devin and Shelby prep for missions! I know it is easy for me to say, since it doesn't really effect me, but I know that Nebraska is were the next chapter of the Utah Dicksons will begin. God will support us in our decisions if they are consecrated before Him and we have studied and pondered and prayed about it, which I have done. I know you weren't to keen on the idea, Devo, but please continue to pray and ponder and read the scriptures; that's how you unlock the key to revelation. God will help. He loves us, and wants to help, but we gotta ask. Running out of time, see ya! Thanks for being awesome! I pray for y'all all the time! Take Luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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