Monday, May 21, 2012

You meet the most interesting people on a mission

Casey's Mick Jagger impression (I guess).
Hey y'all!
Thanks so much for the package; it's just what I needed! Shirts, money, and I loved the missionary action figures lol! I love the ties; green is my favorite color (who told you...) and the other ties are pretty rockin'! I sent some more mail out; keep an eye out Mom and Aunt Nina!
How's real life? It's pretty good out here in the land of slightly insane people! Since missionaries will talk to absolutely anyone and everyone, we meet some of the people others avoid. We get a lot of people giving us funny looks, or panicking and running away, or else yelling at us or hiding in their homes. I find it pretty funny, actually. 
There was this Indian woman one time, who was so totally off her rocker I was surprised that she was allowed to walk around by herself (hope that's not mean to say). She was talking about teleportation and spirit worlds (close, but no cigar) and traveling through different dimensions in her youth. Bless her heart (a southern expression lol). Another guy came out at us without his shirt (he needed one) and in a sombrero, asking for a liver donation. Then there was this other guy trying to explain to us how God created Himself as he was rolling through the universe, creating everything else behind Him. Oh, also, did you know Christ didn't really die; turns out he was just mostly dead (ha!). The angels who came to the tomb resuscitated him with the Spirit. Who knew? Oh, and the climax; the guy who tried to convince me he was Michael the Archangel... I have certainly met some interesting people out here lol. Then there have been some people try to condemn us or challenge our doctrine. We win, of course, but some of the time it puts me down... just the fact that people are so far gone that the Spirit just bounces off of them. While it makes me sad, it also reaffirms the fact that Satan wouldn't try so hard if this church wasn't true. I love the gospel; it has all the important answers, with the rest of them to be answered in time. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I wish people actually read it before they challenged it. I love my Father, and my Savior.
Anyway, a busy but kind of uneventful week:
Had zone conference this week; it's always good to see some missionaries you haven't seen in a while, and it was nice to finally get my package lol! Also good to hear from our beloved President Wolfert and his wife.
We taught Sister Brock's nephew a few more times this week; we're almost done, but we might have to push back his date; he's an awesome kid, just gets in some trouble sometimes. We got some more 'gators for the branch; trying to fit them all in these next few weeks. They are busy with summer school or work, so it's tricky to get a hold of them.
Worked on the roof of a members house, fixing their tiles and cleaning there gutter; pretty fun.
Played some baseball and Frisbee this week; the branch is always having games and stuff like that; we bring investigators, and it's awesome!
Another 'gator who is Jerry's friend; we found out that we are going to have to give her up to Cartersville (she lives out of our boundaries). It's always frustrating, especially since our building is 20 minutes closer than the one she has to go to now; but we don't have the authority or permission to teach and baptize her; and authority is kind of important in this church.
And that's about it. 
What's going on with y'all, Shelby/Mom/Devin/Grandpa and Grannie Sheila/Aunt Nina/Aunt Darcell/Uncle Darren? 
I can't wait to party it up in Nebraskaaaaa with y'all! Hope all is well, and that Christ is a part of your day. Peace!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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