Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

It's Super Elder!
 Hey, Dickson clan!
Happy Memorial day! Holidays don't mean much to missionaries; just days we can't really proselyte because everyone is too busy or gone or with family and usually don't want to be bothered. Anyway, we have a BBQ later today at the Carter's (the family I skyped from); they do a lot for us, and I'm grateful.
What I did this week: 
We've had a lot of opportunites to do service; my favorite! I have always liked helping others, and service is something I feel like I can do right; I can also see the fruits of my labor more immediately than other things. We helped the YSA branch move into their new building on Thursday; it's more spacious, but has less rooms. Still, it's nice. Smells like new building!
Sister Gruener was shooting at some more squirrels in her backyard (with her pellet gun, don't worry; she's a sureshot!) when we walked to her back deck to see her. Funny lady! She takes pest control into her own hands! She also had this tennis racket looking thing that zaps bugs; it was sweet! We gotta get one!
Taught our top investigator a few more times this week; he still wants to get baptized as soon as possible, but we have to teach the lessons, and we want to make sure he has a real testimony that it is true by the Holy Ghost. He comes to all the activites, and was at church this Sunday; he's kinda shy and quiet, but really smart, and enjoys the good young pwople at the branch. Represent!
One of Jerry's friends, who has been taking the lessons and coming to church, we found out lives in Cartersville (which is the other mission). We hooked her up with the missionaries with the authority to teach her, and she liked them, so all is well; she wasn't too happy at first about going somewhere else with someone else. She can't remember our names, so Elder Youd is E1, I'm E2, and the other guys were E3 and E4. (Elder-one Kenobi, E2-D2, E-3PO... can't think of a good one for E4 lol). She's funny; hope she gets along with the other elders.
We are still teaching Sister Brock's nephew; a few more complications have arose, so we may not be baptizing him as soon as we thought. We'll continue to teach him and help him prepare for when he can. 
I don't know what it is about this week, but we seemed to be running into more anti people and bashes; they don't phase me anymore, but it's kind of weird how it fluctuates. Being on a mission has helped me firmly root my testimony so nothing can shake it. Church is true, book is blue, and God is a Mormon!
The past couple of weeks have been kinda slow; we need to find more investigators, we keep baptizing the ones we have lol!
How are the Jensen's doing then? I get a letter from Collin every couple of months lol; his letters seem to take a while to get to me. I always send a reply; I hope he has been getting them.
So Jake's back, huh? Did he say what his plans are now? I remember him being super emotional; I guess people really do change on their missions lol.
Love, Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson
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