Monday, April 30, 2012

Splish, splash, its a baptism!

First off, Keya got baptized this weekend! Yay!  She got baptized this past Saturday: it was incredible, but also super stressful! I love Keya to death, but she has been at least a half hour late to every single appointment we had with her! Her baptism was no exception lol. Still, she got there, and got dressed in a very pilgrim looking dress, which is way funny; we constantly teased about making her wear a pilgrim outfit (long story), but we were just kidding. Still, that was the dress she chose, so all is well. Elder Youd baptized her (took him three tries; the dress didn't submerge), Elder Bowers sang a special rendition of "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" (which is my new favorite song!), and I confirmed her that Sunday (she was late to that, too). Talk about nerve-wracking! I always get worked up when I am asked to give blessings and such; I'm always afraid of messing up or sounding fake or foolish. But this time, when I confirmed her, it didn't feel like me talking; I don't remember most of what I said, but I remember that fear leaving just before I started talking. It was an amazing experience, and I'm glad we could be considered worthy enough to help this awesome young woman come unto Christ through baptism. I don't think I have ever been happier for anyone!
That was certainly the highlight of the week. We were so busy setting up this baptism, we didn't do much else this week lol! We did go to Cracker Barrel on Friday with a less-active (it has been months since I've eaten there; still expensive, but still SO good!). There were a lot of people we tried to see, but it seemed to be avoid the missionaries day... again. It really shouldn't be more than once a year. Anyway.
Our other investigator, who we haven't seen in a few weeks, got back Friday. We met with him, and talked about how to help him overcome his addictions. He is getting therapy for his bipolar, so we'll see what happens there; he still really wants to be baptized, just more at the end of May. Sister Brock's nephew came to church though; it's been a while since he's been able to make it. Were going to have push his date till the end of May as well; sometimes, it just takes more time.
It has been weird to be in this companionship still; this beats my old record of 3 months, with both companions and area. I'm glad, though, because I would have missed Keya's baptism! Everyone else is SO close too; I'm wasn't ready to go, but I was still surprised I stayed; I had myself convinced I was leaving. I guess I still have work left here to do.
Elder Hernandez (our superb district leader) just got a new greenie Wed.; Elder Popp. He's cool enough, but still looking like a deer in the headlights, as all greenies usually do.
Thanks for the candy and cookies! I'm glad y'all could meet Sister Brock; she is an all-star member, and the best relief society president I've seen yet! I hope she said only the good stuff about me, and same to y'all to her lol!
We might be playing sand volleyball today; Yay!
That's about it for news in Kennesaw.
In answer to your e-mail: Shelby! Thanks for the cookies, great as always!  I am so mad that there is no Papa Murphy's out here; I miss it! Try sending some in the mail lol. Haven't found any frazils either. I'm also jealous I am missing the Avengers and the new Last Airbender, but they'll still be there when I get home... right? Just so you know, baptisms are way cooler than superhero movies; just saying lol jk. But seriously. I know what you mean about Freestone, though; she drove me nuts! (Get it? Drove? LAUGH WITH ME, DANG IT!) I'll try to send you peaches lol, and I'll keep an eye out for a stuffed animal; I'm sending your package today, so it probably won't get to you till Friday or Saturday (I dislike snail mail strongly lol!) I remember Brother Taeger, Brother Johnson (who isn't there anymore), Brother Anderson (who isn't there anymore), I don't remember the others names, but one of them is the last one on the right; he throws parties every few weeks if we are good! I also volunteered in the special needs seminary class; you should look into it. It was kinda crazy, but it was a lot of fun to work with such sweet spirits! have a very happy birthday, congrats on making it to 16 lol, and don't get too crazy! All I want for my birthday is clothes or CDs or candy; or else anything else more creative than that lol! You're good at those sort of things! Have a ton and a half of fun, and know that I am there in spirit! Love you bunches! 
Hey Dev, I think you're pretty okay too. Keep up the good work! You're the man! Love ya! 
Hey, Mom! Thanks again for the candy and cookies! Sister Brock is awesome, isn't she? I'm glad you were able to meet up briefly. Thanks for being the best Mom anyone could hope to have! Keep showin' those youngin's how the slightly older generation does it lol (Are you still 29, or are you 35? I forget.)!
To everyone else: The church is true, the book is blue, and God is a Mormon!
Take luck!
Love, your grown-up son/older brother/best friend/person you want to be when you grow up,
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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