Monday, March 25, 2013

Here I am again, in Conyers

Hey, guys!
Things aren't so bad in Conyers; it has been weird to bike places I've been before, to talk to people I knew a year and a half ago, and to do the same thing I was doing the last time I was here; contacting, tracting, finding potentials and formers, etc. Still, things are okay; my companion is pretty cool, he grew up Muslim in Liberia, then moved to Texas for school with his sister 10 years ago. A few years after that, he found the church and was baptized in 2007! He is like 23, so he's a bit older, but he's cool; he is much easier to understand than Elder I lol!

I'm surprised on how many members in Conyers remember me; when I was here last, I never said a word to anyone (I was a scared little greenie lol). This week felt very long; time passes super slowly here, just like it did last time; but it's all good, we got a lot of people to see and teach! Not a lot of them are that elect, but a few are, and I think something big is supposed to happen here; else why would I be sent back here unless there was something I missed last time?

It has been rainy here, which is weird; all my memories of this place was in the blazing heat lol! We bike A LOT; maybe I'll lose some weight before I get back, that would be nice...
Elder Holland said something like, "When He (Christ) comes, I so want to be caught living the gospel. I want to be surprised right in the act of spreading the faith and doing something good." We never know when someone will need us, so we must always be willing and worthy to serve. 

We just got a bunch of missionaries this transfer; I don't know how many, but they have split a lot of areas and put sisters in them, as well as opening up some area that have been shut for a while; it'll be interesting to keep watching how the mission changes, especially when the Macon mission is in full blast this summer; we'll probably have to give up some of our mission area and some missionaries to the other mission...

Go, Cougars! It doesn't hurt as much as the last time to miss all the BYU stuff, but I am excited to catch football this year! 
So, my week: 
Monday I was still in John's Creek, and we played soccer all day in a member's backyard; Tuesday we had district meeting, then ate lunch at Wild Wings and took pics and said goodbye and such. Spent a lot of time packing and talking with Schmidty; I'm going to miss that kid, he is fun and is very very spiritual; more so than any other person I have met! Keep an eye out for him when he becomes a Seventy lol! 

So Wednesday morning we had a member drive us all the way to the Conyers Stake Center (took about 2 hours) and swapped companions, then went to the apartment; the one we live at now is right next to the one I used to live in! Weird... We biked a lot that day, and I saw some people I taught last time (they haven't changed much lol...)

Thursday we tracted and found this guy who used to work at a car dealership a PM guy owned; I recognized him! It was kinda crazy we just happened to knock into him... good thing I don't believe in "just happens" anymore. Got to meet the zone leaders that day too; Elder Yates and Elder Diehl. Both are pretty cool guys, Diehl came out with me and Yates came out one after me...

Friday we had some team-ups in the morning; we taught a Muslim guy who didn't seem very open to the idea, but was nice. Biked some more and then had dinner with the Casey's, on of my favorite families from the last time! And they remembered me! Yay!

Saturday it rained pretty good; luckily we got a ride to most of our appointments; we also got to help clean the church! Yay, service! Changing lives one example at a time! 
We also saw that guy from the car dealership, Gary, again with a member; he said he couldn't make it to church, but he said he wanted to get involved in Scouting, so we are meeting him at the church next Wed. for a church tour. 

Sunday was pretty good; had fun saying hi to everyone, and an old gator we taught that week came to church! She said she would come to Easter Sunday and General Conference as well! Yay! 
We then packed up to spend the night at the ZL's apartment; ours doesn't have a washer, so we go over to use theirs. It was pretty fun. 

Today we have just been e-mailing and shopping; there are some days were I am happy and have desire to go and work; some days I'm frustrated to be back here and am tired of talking to ghetto people who are nice but won't commit or change.That first day I was just depressed and upset; the people here, for the most part, are not smart enough to understand or accept the gospel. However, it's nice to have people be nice to me for a change; John's Creek people are super rude... Anyway, I know that's an unfair judgement, and I was sent back here because there is someone here I am supposed to find or teach...I want to go out with a bang, not a whimper. I know this church is true, and that I should not be so judgemental, and that God has a plan for every single person here in Conyers, even me! I love ya, thanks for all you do, expect some packages to be sent your guys way; should I send them to Mom or you? I got a lot of stuff I can't fly home with because I don't have enough room in my suitcases...
Anyway, take luck, y'all! 
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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  1. Love you Casey. We will pray for you to find the answers you need. Heavenly Father is with you!!

    Aunt Darcell


Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
Called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (July 2011 to July 2013)