Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easters, everyone!

How do you like our new look?
Happy Easters!
Sorry for the short letter; thanks so much for the package! I love peanut butter and chocolate; it's almost all gone now lol...
How was y'alls Easter? Our Easter program was just ok; they sang a medley of I Believe in Christ and Beautiful Savior; they have only two men, so it was interesting. It was kind of fun the first Sunday to be back and see everyone, but now I feel like I have been here forever; like I never left Conyers. It's been hard; most days I'm good, but my companion and I have been at odds a little bit... It's really the first time in my mission when I have struggled to get along with someone. It's not that bad, I just haven't had to do it before; we'll get it figured out! 
For Easter dinner we ate at this old black lady's house, and had some rather poorly cooked soul food; mostly I just drank the Kool Aid, and got sick anyway. But she was nice; the missionaries mean a lot to her, and I was glad we could make her day. 
Anyway, my week: 
We biked A LOT and didn't get too far yet, but every drop of sweat counts! We found some new investigators that dropped us before the week was over, but we'll keep on truckin'! Also gave a lot of blessings this week, to members and missionaries and gators. It's cool, since I'm still pretty new to priesthood blessings, to get to see how important it is to have people who can help you that have God's authority to do so. Other churches claim they can help you, and I'm not discounting prayers on behalf of others, but I have seen miracles, large and small, in the mission. 
Our top investigator Gary is moving to Covington, so we'll pass him along...
With General Conference coming up (my last one at that!), I'm trying to see what questions I need God to answer; every time I come with a question, it gets answered. God and I have done a lot of chatting lately lol...
Also trying to get everyone to Conference so they can get baptized! Keya, Jerry, and Author got baptized, and they all came to conference; therefore, attending Conference + pure intent and sincerity = Testimony and Conversion, for members and non-members alike! 
Thanks for being awesome! Take Luck! Love ya bunches!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. The pic is of me and my last companion, Elder Schmidt, with snazzy bow ties we got from little Isabelle.

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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