Monday, March 11, 2013

He looks tall in this picture, doesn't he?

Hey, guys!
I heard about Grandpa and Grannie Sheila's mission call, they e-mailed me; that's so cool! And ya, I could use a job, I'd love to work in Utah so I can save up money for school! I am still considering athletic training, as well as physical therapy possibly; I'm still praying about where I should go and what I should do; all I know is that I want to go to school in Utah, but I got to get a job. I'll get back in July, school will start in August, but you're supposed to apply way early and I missed it, so either I will live and work in Utah or live with y'all in Nebraska and work. Do you know if I am flying back to Utah, or Nebraskaaaa? If I fly into Salt Lake, we would have to find someplace to stay and to hold all my luggage and whatnot, but that's where I wanna be; if I fly back to Lincoln, I can drop off my stuff at home and then we could drive over for a couple weeks or days or so. I'm not sure; whichever works for you guys!
Also, has there been any news on the driver's licence? Because I haven't gotten a packet to fill out, and I need at least an I.D. in order to even get on the airplane lol! I gotta get a Georgia driver's licence if I can; I would need my birth certificate, and to have that fine paid off in Utah, and then I could try to get stuff done here. Let me know! Sorry to pester about it!
Anyway, my week: Tuesday we had district meeting, then we had a team up with a high priest and tried to see a bunch of people, with minimal success; at least we know where they live now! 
Wednesday we went with our ward mission leader, Brother Lakip, to see a new family from someplace in Africa, I forget. They were both pretty cool; the husband is an RM who is looking for work here in the states; he is an accountant, but he'll take whatever they can get! Afterwards, Bro. Lakip took us out to Outback. Nice! 
Thursday we ate lunch with one of our gators, Sam, this old guy who knows every single stinkin' thing about every single Christian religion, which is frustrating; not that knowledge itself is bad, but knowledge without a witness of the truth, reason and logic without faith, is like a one-winged airplane; they don't fly that far. He seems to be warming up to us; Schmidty and I are gonna cook him a Spaghetti dinner! That ought to do it! That night we ate dinner with one of my favorite ladies, Sister Koch, and her crazy little girl, who is a hoot! We gave a blessing to her son, who was sick (Sister Koch is divorced, so us and her home teachers are the only priesthood she gets...) Then we went out with Bro. Oyervides and got a hold of some less-actives and set up appointments for next week. 
Friday we saw the Kelly family; they are still doing great! Little Isabelle is reading her scriptures still and praying every night; so is her mom. They came to church two weeks in a row, which I think is the record lol! 
Saturday we ate dinner at a part-member, and gave another blessing; Sister Morgan is a sweet lady from China, and her husband is a very nice Catholic man; we're trying to get in there more so we can teach! We spent the rest of day working on our missionary presentation to the Priests, which went really well; We showed them two Mormon messages: Sanctify Yourselves and Stay Within the Lines (both by Holland, of course) and shared some stories about an elder who was fairly uneducated who bore powerful testimony to a knowledgeable basher, who got baptized because of his sweet, simple testimony. You don't need to be a fancy speaker or a Scriptorian to be a missionary; you need to be a clean and worthy vessel of the Lord, who knows that only by the Holy Spirit can you hope to teach. Then Elder Schmidt shared a powerful story about an old woman who the missionaries found, who, after she got baptized, saw that in her patriarchal blessing that if a certain missionary had accepted his call to serve a mission, she would have been baptized 25 years earlier... that shook the priests pretty good. The spirit was so strong, and hope every one of those boys got something out of what God was trying to tell them, and that they all will serve faithful missions. Only time will tell. 
That's about it for the week. 
Yeah, it has been a long time; it's closer than it ever has been, though! Not that I am getting trunky (at least I hope not), but when it's time to go home, it'll be time to go home. I promise to finish strong, and I can already see how my mission has changed me; still doesn't mean I can't wait to see y'all! 
I know that God is in the details of our lives; he does not take away trials, but gives us the strength to handle them and overcome them; he makes them more bearable. I know God lives and loves all of us, and that as His servant, I have been able to enjoy seeing His hand in all things; I left my home and family because I knew God would take care of you guys. Take Luck! 
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
Called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (July 2011 to July 2013)