Monday, December 3, 2012

A great week in the mission field!

A missionary's Christmas tree in Georgia.
Hey you guys!! 
What's going on in Nebraskaaa? How's work/school/play? How's the weather? TELL ME!!!
Anyway, my week was pretty good; Monday we played Monopoly, and I DOMINATED, for once lol! I usually stink at board games (except Disney Scene-It lol; wish we could play it...), but I cleaned house! Then the next game I went out first lol. 
Tuesday we had dinner with the Macks, who have two sons on a mission, so they help us out a lot with supplies and dinner and such; we are skyping from there for Christmas, I think. After dinner we visited some less-actives, including the local crazy guy that no one in the ward really knows what to do with lol; he wasn't so bad, but he was all over the place in our conversation, and told me I was a beautiful person. What is sad actually is that he is not the only crazy person to tell me I was beautiful lol. The mission is so great just so ya know! I love teaching people, and all the little quirks that come with meeting people. Doesn't get better than that, lol! 
Thursday we went out with the Elder's Quorum President to see a lot of people on his home teaching list, which was perfect, because a lot of them are on our list of people to see as well. We have been going out more with the members to see people, so things are under way. 
We were also supposed to see Keith, but his wife was at the hospital longer than expected so we'll catch him next week. 
Friday was our miracle day: it started slow, we just did some weekly planning, when to Stevie B's with Spanish (of course), then we went to go see a referral the mission office gave us, who turned out to be golden! His deceased mother is a member, and his sister is as well, and he is now wondering how life would have gone if he would have joined when he was a kid. He couldn't make it to church this week, but he wants to get baptized before Christmas, so we're excited! He is living with a lady friend who he shares rent with; we'll cross that bridge when we come to it lol. She is agnostic, so this will be fun lol! Later that day we also taught Bro. McRoberts, who is recently been coming to church. As much as I love gators coming to church, it seems more sweet when a member who hasn't been in quite a while start making their way back. It's all part of missionary work; bringing EVERYONE closer to Christ. 
Saturday there was a tree-lighting festival in town, so we went and talked to everyone! Seriously, we talked to like 100 people! Then we went to dinner at the Koch's, one of my favorite families in the ward. 
Sunday is always good; we go to priest's quorum instead of elder's quorum; the priests here rock! They brought us a REAL Christmas tree and decorated it for us in our apartment (picture disclosed)! It even looks like young men put it together, and I love it lol! Gives it character! Then we ate at the Belnap's; by the way, I eat salad now. I know, crazy, right? I eat all kinds of things now. 
Today we have been helping the ward set up for the Festival of the Nativity this weekend; it's gonna be big! Seriously, we are going to be working on it all week, there is so much that goes into it. Lots of people, particularly non-members, should be there! Yeah! Baptize! 
That's about it for now. 
So what do you guys want from Georgia before I come back? Devin has all the shirts lol...
It's so weird to not have snow here this time of year; it's like 75 degrees still, it ridiculous! I can still short-sleeve it...
Can't wait to see y'all on Skype, be prepared to tell me all about Nebraskaaa and BYU and what Devo's and Missy's mission plans are now that the age changed lol...
I love you guys a ton! Know that everything is according to God's big plan; as long as we are prepared, and doing what we are told to do, we have no reason to fear. With God on our team, we can't lose! Take luck! 
Love ya, 
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. First pic is our lovely tree, second is us all playing monopoly, third is yours truly, and lastly is my strange companion...
The face of a happy missionary!

Elder Rodgers, BYU fan!

Who owns Park Place?

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