Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Elder Dickson!

Hola, Familia! Feliz Navidad!
This letter will be kinda short since I'm speaking with a lot of y'all tomorrow, but I'll tell you about my week:
First off, thanks for the packages and the cards and such! I hope everyone has gotten their Christmas card by now lol! I sent them a week or so ago...
Tuesday was District Meeting as well as interviews with the President; good news: I passed! Yay! Bad news: some other elders had to go home because they did something, and another set had to confess publicly what they did (they're staying, though). It is very sad to see Elders (especially ones you know) go home for anything, but especially disobedience; I mean, they ruin the rest of their lives, not to mention their salvation, because they don't like following the rules; right before Christmas too! I couldn't face you guys if I was sent home dishonorably, I can't even imagine around this time of year! The reason we have rules is not only to keep us and others safe, but we can't do this work without the Holy Ghost, and the Spirit will only come to our aid if we are worthy and obedient. I'm not saying I've been perfect in obedience, but I know I need to be, and try my hardest to be. I need those blessings if I am to get by.
Anyway, we also had dinner with Susan, a lady Elder Rogers knew in Colin's Hill, which is close to us, a few times this week; she covers us when we don't have a dinner, and we usually have dinners here, but we had a few cancel, which is fine. She is a super funny lady, and just got back from Utah, where she saw Elder Rogers family. How cool is that?
Wednesday we had the Mission Christmas party, which you'll see plenty of pictures of in this e-mail lol. It was such a blast! We had a wonderful turkey dinner, some musical numbers, Elder McAllister's chin-balancing trick (he had a table on his face, it was nuts!), and a slide show of 2012; I was in a lot of those pics, so I felt pretty awesome (I'm kind of a big deal lol). The best part was getting to see everyone I haven't seen since the last Christmas party almost! What a good time!
The next few days we tried without success to see gators, potentials, referrals, and less-actives... everyone is out of town or busy or just straight up doesn't want us around... a bit of a disappointing week, but what do ya do?
Saturday was Elder Grant's birthday (20), so we went to Zaxby's, a fast food place everyone goes to. I don't know what I'll do when I get home and there is no Zaxby's or Waffle House or Chick-fil-A or ABDub (Atlanta's Best Wings); I practically live off these places!
Sunday was nice; some nice musical number, a less-active family and their 9 year old who we are trying to teach came, and had a pretty good lesson in Priest's quorum about the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation. Read 2 Nephi 9 to see what life would be like without an Atonement. It's no fun.
We also had an awesome dinner with the Stake President and his family; his grown-up kids were visiting for Christmas, and they were very funny! Had some sweet garlic breadsticks! Pizza Factory, anyone?
It's raining pretty good today, so we might just be playing board games and restlessly waiting for what tomorrow will bring lol. I'm so excited to see y'all and talk to y'all! We've got plenty to talk about (Christmas festivites, movies, moving back, starting to talk about schools and such, etc.)! I love you all so much, and I love this holiday season where we reflect on God's gift to us, as well as Christ's gift of the Atonement. Take Luck! See ya tomorrow!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson a.k.a The Dicksonian (like the Smithsonian... get it?)

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Casey Guy Dickson
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