Monday, November 26, 2012

I can fix anything ... just give me time

Elder Dickson, bike mechanic.
Hola, Familia!
This week: Elder Rogers was sick, so we didn't get to work very much; we did get to see a lot of less-actives, and members who have recently moved in; we made a lot of phone calls too. Sunday we helped the Priests with their PMG class, which was cool; we shared something I heard and don't remember who said it: something along the lines of: if you think that your friends would be upset if you tried to talk to them about the gospel, how much more upset will they be when we all meet up in the spirit world, and they find out that you could have shared this message with them, but you were too scared to talk to them about it. That one still keeps me up at night...
Anyway, glad to know that the fam is still representing in Nebraskaaa, Dickson style! I wish I could have been there for Mum and Dad's talks... sounds liked they killed it! What time do ya guys meet on Sunday, out of curiousity? We are at 1:30 now, but next year we will be 9 a.m. again...
Glad y'all had a good Thanksgiving! We had ours at the Rowberry's, one of the many studly families in the ward! The also had the Richards over, a family that recently move in that are fairly recent converts and their kids, as well as Bro. Rowberry's brother and his wife and daughter; it was a full house! They made this excellent fried turkey; we have to try to figure out how to make it when I get back lol! It takes maybe an hour to make, and it's at least twice as juicy as a baked turkey! The down-sides are that you need to let the turkey completely thaw, or else it will explode in the fryer lol! Also it is apparently a messy clean-up, but I think the taste was worth it! They injected it with Cajun Butter too! I think they'll have fried turkey in heaven, pretty sure lol! We took a lot of left-overs home, so we'll be good on meals for probably a week and a half lol.
Also had a pretty sweet turkey bowl game earlier that day; yours truly caught a few, and even got a diving touchdown where the ball was bobbled out of like 3 players hands lol. It was Elders vs. Elders Quorum, and the Elders won soundly lol!
Go, Nebraskaaaa! Go Cougars!! Who is BYU playing in the Holiday Bowl?
I do really like my new area, I just am looking forward to when the work picks up a bit; we have a few potentials, some part-members, and a guy named Keithe who has been out of town for the Holidays. Being on bikes when it is cold with a large area has been a good test of my commitment lol, but I know that there are people here for us to teach, we just need to try harder to find them.
Dang it, Courtneys! Oh well, get 'em next time! The Elders are the ones who recieve the revelation on how to teach them, but when it's time to be bold, and the spirit prompts, I like to use Luke 14:16-24 to teach about the importance of the sacrament (which is THE most important reason we need to go to church). It's the parable of the Lord's Supper; the Lord invites several people to attend his feast, but on the day of the supper, everyone who was invited gave an excuse for why they couldn't go. The Lord was angry, and sent out his servants to bring anyone and everyone off the streets who was willing to come, saying, "None of those men bidden (previously) shall taste of my supper." The Lord's Supper is the Sacrament, and we make the Lord angry when we choose not to attend. It's pretty bold and condemning, so use it as a last resort.
I'm so excited for when all these new missionaries coming in; it'll be crazy for a while, but the work will explode! Question: did you ever train or was in leadership? Not that it matters, but since we are going to have so many missionaries, all us veterans need to step up, and I'm a bit fearful I will be put in leadership, lol! If the Lord requires it of me, I'll do it, but I'm not striving for it lol; all I'm stirving for is to be the best missionary I can be! The church is true, the book is blue, and God is a Mormon! Thanks for being awesome, keep it up! Look forward to seeing you Christmas!
Love ya, Miss ya, Take Luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. I think it would be cool if you guys could each send me your favorite scripture in the next e-mail...
P.P.S. The first picture is of me and Elder Hernandez (who I served near in Kennesaw) who is home now (sad day...), the second is myself and Elder Peterson, who was my district leader here (my companion is the DL now), and is now going to be zone leader in Conyers with Elder Youd for his last transfer. Elders come and go, but memories last... (yes, that was kinda cheesy, sue me.)

A funny t-shirt I saw.

"You're a panda ... He's a panda!"

Me and Elder Rodriguez, who is home now.

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Casey Guy Dickson
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