Monday, August 6, 2012

Jackson, the sweet secret in the heart of Georgia

Hey y'all!
How are things in the land of corn and snow lol?! Hope everything has worked out so far with work and school and sports and whatnot.
Anyway, things are just dandy down here in Jackson, the sweet secret in the heart of Georgia (that was the old saying for this town... not sure if it still applies lol)! This past Monday we went on a team-up with a member to visit some less-actives and some 'gators. Having a member makes all the difference; they can relate to the person better than weird, fancy-dressed missionaries can ever do lol! The help the person we are teaching have a friend to fall back on when we can't be there; because sooner or later, we have to pass them off to the ward/branch. If they get too attached to us, there is a danger of them becoming less-active because they feel alone or unwelcome. The biggest thing that gets missionary work rolling is participation from the members; without them, we will miss out on 2/3 of the baptisms we could be getting, and have a far lower retention rate than we should.
Anyway, I digress.
We are continuing to see Author everyday; his girlfriend has also requested she would like to stop smoking, so we'll see where that goes! He is in some of the pictures I sent, along with Bro. Numa (with the hat), and Brother Martin (the white guy who served in Africa!).
Wednesday we met a guy who is a deacon at his brother's Baptist church, but was very open for discussion, and was "quite intrigued" by the Plan of Salvation, and wants us to visit more, and bring him more books/pamphets; will do!
We have been working with our branch president to work with less-actives; it's probably the thing needed most for Jackson, so we have been "bounty hunting" the past few weeks for less-actives and former gators and such. It's the same thing I did in Conyers and Dahlonega/Dawsonville, so I should be a professional by now lol.
Ate a delicious authentic mexican meal at the Martins (it was there graduation/birthday/moving away party. They are in the second to last picture.) Brother Martin was a way funny guy, and we are all gonna miss them!
That's about all that has happened this week; in the newsletter that goes out to all missionaries about events in the mission, I found out Kent (who I taught in Kennesaw) and the Alfaro's kids (last picture) and a kid in Dawsonville (who was the boyfriend of a member) all got baptized in the past few months; yay! That just about made my week when I saw that; there is no better feeling than to know someone you have come to love has taken the big step closer to their Savior.
Things are still going well with Elder I and I; he is a funny guy, and is always happy! He asks me all the time about things in english; I have come to realize that english doesn't make any sense! Trying to explain it to someone who didn't grow up with english has been harder than I thought! English is weird.
Anyway, that's it for now; we got zone conference coming up soon, which means a trip to Conyers; yay!
 So how are y'all doing? Please write me!
Take luck! Love y'all!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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