Monday, August 27, 2012

What's in a nickname?

Hola, Familia!
What's going on in the great state of Nebraskaaa?
Dad asked me if people call me E.D.; People do call me Elder D sometimes, but the joke between my former companions Elder Bowers and Youd was Elder Dickerson: you'd think my name would be easy, but most every time I introduce myself, people look at my name tag and go "Elder... Dickerson?" Last I checked my name tag, there was no "er" anywhere in there lol. Elder Youd, who is my zone leader now, knows it irks me so he still calls me that; it's ok though, I call him Elder You'd (his name is pronounced Youd like loud, but everyone says it like you'd) or Youdface or Youdmouth, so we're even lol.
Anyway, transfer calls were today; Elder I and I are both staying! Yay! And the other Elders in our District are mostly staying the same; the only change is the other area, Stockbridge, is being divided up into a North and South; Elder McAllister, who also went to high school with me (of course. Everyone out here went to high school with me, seems like) is opening the Southern part with a greenie, so that should be fun lol! And they get a car (lucky...). I was pretty convinced by certain sources and friends in high places that Elder I and I were going to get white-washed: that is, both be replaced at the same time; I took a bunch of pictures with the members and everything! Good thing we get to stay, though; we still got some work to do here!
So Monday we spent the day talking to and teaching with Terrell, a cool recent convert that just got back in town; he's a good kid with some troubled past and difficult family, but he comes to teach and wants to come out with us to teach people; what a stud!
Tuesday we found out that Author had set a date for his baptism (we have been asking for months lol); he wants to be smoke-free and married before December, and wants to be baptized on his birthday, December 12th (which is 12/12/12!); it's a Wednesday, but we might make it work. His girlfriend came to church with us this Sunday, and seemed to like it. She especially enjoyed the food we had as part of the linger longer for branch conference lol ( I know that that was my favorite part!). I wish the branch did more activities; they are the genius of the church! It gets gators and less-actives and visitors in a friendly, non-threatening place with no pressure, and there is usually food! They get to interact with members, and see that we are normal people (some of us anyway lol). We had 3 other gators at church; some part-member families brought their non-member spouses, and some of the other Elders gators came; it was awesome, definitely the highlight of the week!
Had an exchange with Elder Boman from Jackson Outer; he's a cool kid, loves Disney with a firery passion (maybe even more than me!) and is a great ballplayer. It was a pretty fun exchange lol.
We spent most of the week tracting, looking for new people to teach; we talked to more than 70 people this week, but no new gators yet. Called a lot of people Friday (which is our weekly planning session) and set up some appointments, so we'll see!
That's about it.
So is there a Papa Murphy's in Nebraskaaa? The pictures of the family and the Bieb are pretty funny; especially Devin lol, just like his brother!
Happy 29th birthday to Mom! Love you! Good luck!
Go Cornhuskers!
Sounds like Lincoln has been fun for y'all lol! Go Devin and Shelby for giving talks! Devin, you "winging" your talk reminds me of what my trainer taught me: "Sometimes, you just got to say a prayer, and wing it like a pro!" I have found a good plan and thorough study helps a lot too, lol. I hope everything works out with Mom and Devin and Shelby finding jobs, I love you all, and am grateful you all are together and doing well. Thanks for being the best family ever! Take luck!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. Thanks again for the candy... sorry to report that it is all gone lol. 


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