Monday, August 20, 2012

Magically transported images of Elder Dickson!

Hello, Dickson clan! Greetings from Jackson!
Thanks so much for the package, I loved it! Actually, my first thought when I opened it was "Hey, someone ate all my candy already!" Then I read the letter and it made sense lol. I love the camel; it has a prominent place on my desk. The money helped too, I'm always low on dough at the end of the month.
How is everyone? Things are alright on my end; not a lot changes around here lol.
Monday we spent most of the day biking lol; from grocery shopping to getting haircuts to the post office (hope y'all liked the gifts!) and back; just a normal day for bike elders! Elder I helped fix my bike; the brakes where rubbing against the whell, so we loosened them; however, we had loosened them too much and the brakes didn't slow the bike any lol, so we fixed it again.
Wendsday we ran into a former gator; he was friendly, and his children enjoyed Elder I's backflip (this kid is a freakin' ninja lol!); he says he is not interested anymore because he believes that his baptism he had was valid, but wasn't sure. We asked if he has prayed about that, and he said "I guess I should." We'll see what happens with that.
Thursday we had zone conference in Conyers, which was awesome! Not only super spiritual, but we got to hang out with some elders I haven't seen in a while (in the pictures...). Too bad they are only every two transfers.
Got a new investigator this week whose last name is Dixon (close, but no choclate cigar); she was very interested in the Plan of Salvation, and she cried in our lesson. Hope good things come of that!
Took Author to a child of record baptism on Sunday; it was a good experience for all of us!
Also met with a lot of less-actives over the week, so good things should be coming from that!
Sorry this letter is so short, I'm on a time limit!
One minute left! Hey, I love you all, miss you all, hope all is well in Nebraskaaaa, and hope to hear from y'all soon!
Elder Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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