Monday, April 9, 2012

You know I'll be eating candy since Easters ...

Peeka ---- choooo!
Hey, y'all!
Things are great here in the land of southern pride and green beans with bacon! It was kind of a slow week; last Monday we went to Costco and bought plenty of food in bulk! We should be good for the rest of the month now lol! Missionary work always progresses faster when the missionaries are fed lol!
We played some volleyball with the Spanish branch, which is always fun; this time we brought some of our investigators! It was hysterical; we don't really know what is going on, since they are all speaking Spanish, but we all have a good time!
Wednesday we tracted into a lady who just moved from Chicago who needed some yard work done; we changed, came back, and DID WORK!! She was super grateful, and we hope to see her and teach her family soon. She has had it rough; she's been shot, and has other health problems, and is trying to turn her life around. I hope she'll let us help her.
We've taught one of our top investigators a couple of times this week, prepping him for baptism; I still have mixed feelings about his intentions, but we teach people who want to be taught, and we baptize people who want to be baptized. We'll plan on his baptism on the 14th; I still do have good feelings about him, so we'll see.
Friday we were invited to attend Kennesaw United Methodist (one of the churches who volunteers at the food pantry for Shiloh) for their Good Friday service in the evening. It was all right, just kind of depressing; most churches feel the need to entertain, so it's more like a show than a service; this one was slower and calmer, like ours, but the spirit wasn't really there. They are all really nice people, and they follow Christ in their charitable acts and love for Christ and fellowmen, they just don't have ALL of it. That's the whole point of missionary work, particularly in the south; everyone down here is confused that we still try to talk to them and teach them after they have already announced they are Baptist or Catholic or whatever; it's because, like it says in the Bible, there is "one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism"; there is only one true church and true doctrine, and we invite all people to let the spirit testify to them the truth of our words; it is only in this church that will take you to the Celestial Kingdom, and have eternal life with God, Christ, and your family. I wish people would give us a chance; if they truly understood what we have to offer, they would climb over each other to get it. I know that by our faith, diligence, and heed, we WILL be blessed with success.
Anyway, we didn't do much for Easter; we had church, then Spanish Cherokee baptized someone in a river, which was pretty cool; tried to see some people who weren't home, then had dinner at the Mourdock's house (he is the branch president), and lastly, we went to ELDER Valverde's farewell party; and that's all I got to say about that. I did get the Easter candy, thanks! Candy always helps lol!
Do you have Uncle Darren's e-mail? I have been wanting to include him in the e-mails, but I don't know where to send it.
We hiked Kennesaw Mountain, which wasn't very long or hard at all; it took us maybe 15 minutes to get to the top; the mountains out here don't really compare with ours lol. It was cool, though; we could see Atlanta, and just about everything else, from the top because it's pretty flat save for the trees (which are in full bloom, so now we can't see anything); there was also a civil war museum, which was interesting; we got to see the southern side of it.
Not much happened this week; everyone was out of town for the holidays; we do have a baptism this coming Saturday, though! Yay! Then we should have one next week as well; cross your fingers!
Hey, Shelby! I don't really remember the Christensens, but I usually forget what day it is, so whatever lol ;). So what is The Lorax about? I don't really remember it. Say hi to the twins and the girls for me! Uncle Darren and Aunt Amy too, I guess, if you have time lol jk. I didn't know about the easter eggs; that's pretty cool! Zombies? That's way cool, lol, I'm jealous! Brenna, BJ, and Garrett, all engaged? Really? Wow, who'da thunk it? I hope school and sports and friends continue to make you happy! :) Love you!
Hey Mom! How's life? Thanks for the candy!! It was needed lol! I hope the house can progress towards being sold so you can go be with Dad; it makes me glad that y'all are doing scriptue reading and family prayer; it's the remedy to all that ails us in life. Thanks for all you do! Love you!
Hey, Dev! Sorry school isn't fun, but I can promise you'll miss it and appreciate it after it's all done. Stay cool, baby brah! Love you!  
Thanks for being the best family anyone could ask for; keep up the good work!
Love, Your grown-up son/brother/relative or acquaintance in some way,
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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