Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference and such ...

Hey, y'all!
Things are great in the land of awkward situations and violent water gun fights!
How are y'all? I've been terrible at returning letters; I want letters but I don't write any; it is a paradox I am trying to solve. The days blur together; everyday feels like Sunday lol! It's a good thing, but I usually forget what day of the week it is; it becomes one blob of emotions and experiences. I have been terrible at keeping my journal; I feel bad about it. I'm glad at least I have my missionary planner and these e-mails to preserve the memories of my mission.
Anyway, I hope all is well and that the move to Nebraska is commencing; what's left on the house to do? Has Devin warmed up to the idea yet?
We watched conference at the church; hardly anyone was there; people all watch it at home now or else online. The bad news is that Keya, one of our top investigators, is in Hawaii this weekend, and our other investigator who is the nephew of Sister Brock was in Florida. The good news is that our other top investigator, with a date for the 14th, came to priesthood session and both Sunday sessions, as well as the Spanish Cherokee elders baptism. Wow! He said he is pretty convinced OUR church was true. Our, not your. Sounds like he's ready. The flicker of doubt, though, is the fact that potentially his motives for joining are to get back with, or at, the recent convert at the branch; I feel otherwise, but it's still a possibility. We continuously pray about it, but I think we just need to teach Wow and Chasity; if his purposes our pure, then he is really feeling this and knows it's true. I don't mean to be doubtful or pessimistic; I want to judge righteously, but we all care very much for the recent convert; she is so funny and happy. I'm not sure what to do except let the spirit guide.
Anyway, let's talk about happy stuff again; where is David Archuletta going on his mish? I didn't see him there, but I guess he was.
I think Uchtdorf is my favorite; I really enjoyed both his talks, even though there weren't any airplanes lol. Pres. Monson seemed rather solemn compared to last conference; I wonder what's up? Elder Packer and Elder Hales didn't look too well either..
Holland has become my new favorite since I have been serving; I have gotten a lot of his talks on CD from other missionaries; he is pretty intense! Like camping! (crowd: Boo!) His talk in conference seemed like a warning; it's getting late? Makes me wonder...
Anyway, other things that happened this week: we played sand volleyball on Monday, and indoor volleyball with the Spanish branch Friday; it was a blast! It's funny because all the Spanish speakers use their feet in volleyball as well, with perfect accuracy!
We taught Keya a few more times before she left for Hawaii; she is so prepared! She was able to witness a baptism, and that, she said, is what sealed the deal. I'm sooooo happy!
Oh, one of our investigators, who was arrested for drunk driving, is "back in town" now; he still wants to meet with us. We'll see what happens; if he is on parole, he can't get baptized for quite a while.
We also got to do some service for a less-active this week; we mowed her lawn and trimmed the hedges and all that fun stuff! It was good to get out of the monkey suit for a while lol...
My companion's and I have been having a blast! Elder Youd's mom sent him squirt guns, so we had a ball with those. Plus an epic sword fight with wrapping paper sticks lol! We all get along like brothers; violently and teasingly. Good ole times, right, Dev?
I'm excited to skype y'all this Mother's day! I'll let y'all know the details as we approach the day.
Tough luck about Tragen; I'll pray for him. How is everyone else from 9th ward? What happened to Garrett; I know he got back a few days after I left. Is B.J. or Travis or Jake back yet?
Thanks for everything, guys; you're all the best! I pray for y'all all the time; it isn't easy being away from everyone, but we'll see each other again, and this time apart makes us appreciate the reunion even more. Take luck!
Love, your grown-up son,
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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