Monday, March 26, 2012

Success in the mission field!

Who you gonna call? These guys!

Hey, y'all!
It's been a pretty good week; the best part being that both our top investigators have baptismal dates for April! Hooray! One of them, Keya, has almost had all the lessons (just tithing and fast offerings), came to church this week, is excited for conference, and is getting prepped for her baptism! She is awesome, and we are so happy! She is trying to get a job closer to the Young Single Adult Branch so she doesn't have to drive over an hour to get here; she is also flying to Hawaii for some vacation and looking at the schools down there, so we'll probably baptize her after that. The other gator, Jerry, is also doing really well; he came to church at the Kennesaw Ward and was taught about the Ten Commandments and obedience, so we still have a couple to go; however, he'll probably get baptized before Keya does; he is soaking it up like a sponge!
I have never had this many potential baptisms, let alone rock solid ones; it's been great! While baptisms don't measure success, we were called here to preach to all nations and baptize every creature. It has been great to have plenty of investigators who actually want to learn more and join the fold!
Anyway, it's been a decent week alot has happened, so I'll share the good stuff; we have seen our top 3 gators at least twice this past week, and had a member at every single appointment! Sweet! Do you know what isn't sweet, though? Not having any money or food lol! I have eaten everything I have, and I don't have any money to buy more (the church still hasn't sent my replacement card yet). My companions have been very nice and have shared both their own snacks and cents, but I hate asking them to do so; I'll be glad when the card arrives.
We have also had pretty good success with the Grueners (the lady who sent y'all the e-mail and picture; Dad has it). She has been to church three weeks in a row, a new record! She is also reading more out of the good book (the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, for those who couldn't guess), and her non-member husband is showing some minor interest in the Book of Mormon, so we'll see where that goes!
We got to talk with some other less-actives, who we hopefully will start seeing at church! There is nothing like seeing the member we're working on show up on Sunday; it's almost as good as a baptism (I hear, lol)!
This letter will be kind of short; we are hopefully headed to play sand volleyball with some other missionaries! I haven't played sand volleyball since the MTC (which feels like ages ago), so I'm excited!
My companions and I are crazy (the past couple of photos should give you some idea)! We are always up to our silly antics (within reason, of course)! The has been the funniest and craziest companionship I've been in, and I'm glad we can have fun and still get work done! I'll be sad when it has to end; this has been tied for my longest companionship (3 months with my trainer, then 6 weeks in Dahlonega, then 6 in Dawsonville, and going on 3 months here!), and I hope I can stay a little longer.
That's all I got to say for now; I hope everyone is doing well! E-mail or write so I can know what y'all are up to! I got to sit down and write some letters, I'm very bad at that. I hope Grandpa and Aunt Nina have gotten their letters by now!
Take luck, y'all!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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