Monday, October 3, 2011

A kiss is just a kiss ... Casey's latest letter from Georgia

Hold still, this won't hurt a bit ...
!Hola Familia!
Things are great here in the land of fried chicken, biscuits and gravy! lol Seriously, that's all I've been eating, aside from the things the members feed me. Good thing I'm biking; I've actually been losing weight, which is awesome!
General Conference was incredible! I don't think I have enjoyed conference so much in my entire life! President Ballard's was good, but my favorites were Elder Callister, Sister Dalton, and Elder Holland. Elder Callister threw down, Sister Dalton's was sweet, and Elder Holland was bold as usual. And I always enjoy President Uchtdorf and Packer, and of course the Prophet! Oh, and Elder Curtis (I think that is his name) is related to my companion distantly, so that was pretty cool. It was just a great conference all around! We watched it in our stake center; we were some of the only ones there though. Everyone else watches it at home (if they have the BYU channel), or on
We had a pretty golden investigator there, who loved everything and wants to be baptized! She just needs permission from her mom first. She is in the other elders area, but that is still exciting! It was interesting to watch conference from an investigators point of view. I feel like I learned a lot. And I got so excited when I heard about the Provo Tabernacle; I totally didn't see it coming and we all sorta freaked out (in a good and respectful way appropriate for the chapel).
We had Elder King leave us this week; he was a great kid, an awesome missionary, and is now a good man; he going to be a great husband and father, and is ready to start a new chapter in his life. We are all going to miss him.
I got reminded of the importance of family when the children's choir sang, "Families Can Be Together Forever", which has always been one of my favorites. I never really thought about it before, but those young children know more about the Plan of Salvation than any minister or pastor or religious professor outside this church will ever know; they know and understand the great and happy message we are trying to share with everyone we meet. How great is it that we are a family for eternity? I think it is my favorite part of the gospel.
Sounds like a good week to be a BYU fan! I'm glad we beat them this time, last time it was embarrassing. Sounds like Riley Nelson is doing well; how often is he playing? lol I love "Remember the Titans"( I'm sure this comes as a shock to you); I'm still not too used to the short hair, especially now that it's getting cold down here; the cold is penetrating, so jackets and hats don't really work lol.
Go T-Wolves! It's good to hear our team doing so well. Is Devin still doing the thing for the team?
I hate missing Devin's party too; I hope he got my gift I sent, it should be there by now. I hope they all have a blast and a half!
The family is doing fine, just a little stressed; the mom wants to move out of the bad neighborhood they are in, but can't really go anywhere since her car blew up. We promised to help how we can. They should still be getting baptized at the end of this coming week. I'll be sure to tell her what you said. I see it like this: the wise man and the foolish man (one of my favorite stories) had the rains and floods fall on both of them. No one is exempt from trials and afflictions, not even church leaders or those called to the work; the difference is that these trials are more bearable because we have the gospel in our lives. The knowledge of why we are here, where we are going, we these things happen to us (which can all be found in the Book of Mormon, by the way), that God loves us, and since Christ suffered for us, he can lighten our burdens through His atonement. You are absolutely right, the gospel will help them endure, and help them find happiness in this crazy world. I know that this is Christ's gospel; His one and only true church restored once again through the prophet Joseph Smith, who was commanded and ordained by God to do so. I know that Thomas S. Monson is God's chosen prophet on the earth in this dispensation, and that his counselors, the Twelve, and all the Seventy's and all other auxiliary leaders are called of God to build up His Kingdom and prepare the way for the second coming of the Messiah. I know the Book of Mormon holds the answers to life's greatest questions, and you can become closer to Christ by using this book more than any other book in existence. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
P.S. Mom, Devin, Shelby, tell me how ya'll are doing. Did devin get his package?
Time for a short break, it's hot out here!

Worn out shoes are the best shoes.

Hurray, it's transfer day!

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Casey Guy Dickson
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