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Casey's letter from Georgia, 9-12-11

What is this, a Cheetos mustache?
Things are going good here; the only new thing is that we are preparing to change our standard of excellence. The standard is sort of a guideline to help us plan and set goals for how many people we teach and meet and are progressing and such; of course, they are not just numbers, they are people, but with this standard we have a goal to shoot for. Our mission president has been praying and counseling with others, and has decided we need to alter the standards, so we can focus on the really important things, especially the ones that lead to baptisms. The goal in every mission is to double the baptisms; that means increasing from one baptism a month per companionship to two. We can do it!
Sounds like a busy week you've had; I heard about the BYU game, and I was a little distraught, but not as much as was most of Georgia (they had lost too). They love their football here too; we can't even get into people's homes on Saturday evenings lol.
Dad, I'm so happy you put up a profile; I had sent an e-mail to everyone, and have been trying to help the people here see the importance of
Is your profile up? The church realizes people know us as Mormons, and they know people surf the web for information. The church put two and two together, and was born!
Seriously, check out this site! There are these videos of people bearing their testimony of how Christ has been in their lives; including the Highland Rugby coach: Larry Gelwix and Rob Morris (who played on the Colts, for anyone who is not Devin, and knows everything about sports) have videos on there!
Members put up their profiles, to prove to non-members we are not Amish or weird horned people; we are regular people, like non-members, and how our religion has made our lives better! We are asked to have profiles on this site, so people can browse through and find people with similar interests. It is not a social networking site (MOM!); you don't talk to anyone or give them any information. You just share your testimony. I promise it can change lives!
This site changes lives; I've heard so many stories about people joining the church because of it. Just the other day, we got a referral of someone requesting a free Bible from, so we went to her house and gave it to her. We talked to her, taught a lesson, and gave her a Book of Mormon as well! All because she got on the site and was curious about us. Most stuff about Mormons online is not good, so it's good that this website comes up now in the search. The only pass-along cards we have our for; the church wants to see how this will work. I testify that it will and is working!
Their is a huge campaign for happening in New York, and it's coming to Atlanta! Most of you have heard about the Mormon play they are doing; it is not sponsored by us, but it's putting our name out there; people are curious about us. The church is taking advantage of that by putting a ton of money into advertising; taxis and billboards will advertise on them. In Times Square, there will be a t.v. that continuously displays the videos from the site! Amazing!
I bear my testimony that this site is the next step to getting our name and word around the world, and it will increase investigators and baptisms ten-fold! I ask that everyone put up a profile, and let it change someone's life! Amen.
Please post this on my blog; everyone needs to see the importance of this mission tool.
All of our dinners save a few have been with members; usually part members, or members we can get excited about missionary work. Working with the members is EXTREMELY important, especially when it comes to getting referrals and getting recent converts to stay active. I agree that the best proselyting time is in the afternoon and evening, so we try to make sure that is when are appointments and team-ups are. 
Speaking of the Omaha Nebraska Mission, that is where half my district went. If you ever meet the following missionaries: Elder Brown, Elder Boddy, Elder Widmer, Elder Chelsey, or Sister Coats, let them know Elder Dickson says hello, and feed them, gosh darn it! lol I don't know if they are ever in Lincoln for their mission but look out for them. I'm not sure if I have their mission address, so if you can get that as well, that would be superb.
 I have gotten plenty of letters from Collin, and have sent him plenty; he is doing great! He is doing mostly "Bounty Hunter Work" (see previous letter) and has a companion taller and bigger than him (not that that is hard lol jk). He is also training after only three months! What a pro! I haven't heard from Richie, but I need his address as well as Tragen's and Jeff's, so I can send them letters. Ask someone from home to send it to you, because they never check their e-mails lol.
While I have had some fun and interesting adventures (including an argument with a drunk man; needless to say, we confounded him, but he hearth them not, nor will he probably remember our conversation. It was hysterical!), I have also had some incredible spiritual experiences, one of which I will share:
We met someone while he was washing his car (who will remain unnamed); he claimed he had a dream that God would send someone to help him. He had a rough life, and got tangled up in every illegal thing you can think of. He has just recently started working an honest living to provide for his family, and has an immense desire to change; he just does not know how.
We have met with him a couple times, but he has missed most of his appointments. He claims he knows he needs to sit down and have a real lesson/discussion with us, but things keep getting in his way. We explained to him that is the Adversary, trying so hard to keep him from coming to the truth, since he is getting so close. My companion gave a fantastic analogy using Georgia and Georgia Tech football; which team do you want to be on/are cheering for? He said the Bulldogs; we asked if you were a true fan, you would support your team by put up your flags and defending your team. The point of this was to make him see that when he drinks, or smokes, etc. he is inviting the devil into his body; he is showing support for the other team while he claimed to be on the Lord's team. If he truly wanted to be on the Lord's team (which is the winning team), then he had to commit himself to that team. If he really wanted to come closer unto Christ, he needs to stop giving excuses for missing appointments and let us in. He sheepishly agreed, and said he really understood that. I felt inspired to give him a picture of Jesus Christ; he took it so lovingly and tenderly, as if not wanting to break it. I told him that whenever those temptations or desire come, look at that picture, and feel the spirit overcome him, and feel the devil flee from his home.
He also loved it when we talked about families being together forever; his daughters, who were playing around his home, came over to listen. Elder Nielsen (who is a master at following the spirit in how to say things) drew in their minds the most beautiful picture of Heaven, with their families forever; the girls loved that, and agreed to be baptized along with their father. It was so amazing; I was almost in tears, the spirit was so strong. Can I just tell you that the Gospel is true? Never, ever forget that. I feel as Ammon did in Alma ch. 26; the joy I got while showing them how to achieve that same joy in indescribable. I boast not in myself, but of my God, and His Plan for Happiness. I'm so excited to help others come unto Christ and be baptized, not for my glory, but for His.
P.S. Is it possible you can send a picture of me pre-mission? I need a picture of me not in my pros for; that is the only thing stopping me from having mine up.
P.S. I'll send letters home, but let them know that they can e-mail me anytime, since it is quicker. Love and miss ya'll!

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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