Monday, September 19, 2011

Casey's latest letter from Georgia 9-19

Dear fam,
Things are great here; the weather has cooled significantly, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts lol. It's been an interesting week; the biggest thing that happened was that my zone leader, Elder King (who goes home in a week) got bit by a monster Rottweiler! I wasn't there, but he has pictures of the wound and the hospital ride. He is fine; the dog really just pierced his skin and didn't get much muscle. He is still out and about, but his companion is driving. He is taking antibiotics and pain pills, so he'll be just fine. What a great story and scar to take home, though. Oh, I also tried some Japanese food: Okonomiyaki (which I didn't really like), Miso soup (which was okay), and Japanese-style curry and rice (which was excellent!). I'm pretty proud of myself, if I do say so myself lol. I also like watermelon now; I don't know what changed it, it just tastes better here, I guess.
Also, we had a really awesome lesson with a former investigator the sisters before us were teaching. He is an old man, who is in and out of the hospital. He had a baptismal date at one point, but he has sort of fallen away. He understands most of what he has been taught, but still thinks that other churches are still good churches. My companion, Elder Nielsen, gave a really touching story about him blessing his younger brother to stop his seizure. We laid it down that the authority to act in God's name is only in this church. I bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon, and how important it was to conversion; if the Book of Mormon is true, then so is everything else. He said he'll read the book and ask if it's true. We tried to get him to church, but he still has a hard time getting around.
I also had the opportunity to go on a split with some home teachers; we visited a recent convert (whose name I will not disclose) who had a pretty cool conversion story. He told us he used to go out into a grove of trees by his house to pray to God (sound familiar?). He was thinking about God and how to be a better Christian and better brother to those around him; a week later, the missionaries came a knockin'. They were actually looking for a Hispanic in the area, but he knew that they were sent to his home on purpose. They referred him to the sisters, who taught him, and got him baptized. He is a really humble man with little education and a bad back; regardless, he is at church every Sunday that he can get to, and has immense faith and a powerful yet simple testimony. He is awesome!
The best thing that happened this week though, was when we met and taught this awesome family! They were a referral from the Spanish elders, who found the mom while tracting. We met and talked with her and her kids at her home Friday, and spent most of the time getting to know her and answer her questions. She had the usual questions about the Book of Mormon or whether we were Amish or not (it makes me laugh every time when someone asks us that; I show them our magical communication device to prove it otherwise lol). She grew up Baptist, but has strong feelings against it, only for the reason of she never felt welcomed or loved. We asked her and her kids to come to a service with us, which she accepted. And they loved it! She has two boys around 16 (one of which is autistic), and two primary age girls. They felt welcomed, maybe almost overwhelmed by the people who introduced themselves (this ward is awesome, just so you know). The mom found relief society very interesting; they talked about the post-mortal spirit world, which she said she has never thought about but makes sense! We then took the boys to a youth fireside, where they met a ton of kids their age! They are all excited about this church (they have been to a lot, recently), and want to come back! I'm way excited to start teaching them! What a great week!
The only downside has been the sleep; you guys know that I don't sleep well anyway, but it's been worse out here. Even though I'm exhausted everyday, I just cannot fall asleep! It makes me a little grouchy, but I'm working on it.

It certainly feels like time is flying by; I've been here over a month and it feels like a week! Sometimes it does feel long when I think about other stuff, so I don't let myself. I am keeping myself with an eye single to the glory of God. I have never worked harder, or with more excitement and vigor, than I am now. The church is true, the book is blue, and God is a Mormon (my companion says this all the time)! I miss and love y'all, and am always praying for ya.
 Let me know what happening in your lives, I haven't heard anything!
Love, Elder Casey Dickson

P.S. See if you can get Devin and Shelby to put up a profile; it is 14 and older now. They are launching a huge media blitz down here in October; they average person will see a commercial or billboard 6 times a month! Talk about getting the word out!

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  1. The south is awesome. Have a good time Casey.
    Your cousin, Amy


Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
Called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (July 2011 to July 2013)