Monday, April 29, 2013

Transfer Day is a special day ...

Elder Dickson "Tebowing" on the field where "Remember the Titans" was shot.

Elder Dickson at Homer Sharp Field in Covington, Ga.

Hey, guys!
So transfer calls were today; I'm staying in Conyers, and my companion, Elder Kallon, is going to Covington with Elder Adams, the next area over; the elder in Covington, Elder Moore, is coming here with me! A pretty smooth transition if you ask me; makes things easy on us. Elder Moore is pretty cool, so I'm excited! 
The work is starting to pick up: we have Charles on date for baptism still, and picked up 3 new 'gators this past week, so things are looking up! The weather has been all over the place; blistering hot and pouring rain. We biked A TON! And I'm still not losing weight lol! 
My week: 
So Monday night we went to go see a less-active family on a whim (or the spirit...); we met their older daughter Rachel and Rachel's little six-year-old. She isn't a member, but had a lot of questions for us, so we came in and taught her. It was pretty sweet; God definitely has a plan for everything! We went there to see a family and found a gator instead! Nice! 
Tuesday we had district meeting, then I went on exchange with Elder Free in Covington Inner; Elder Free was trained by Elder Bowers (one of my favorite companions), so we had a lot to talk about lol! We taught the Fullers, a family they are baptizing May 4th, and a girl that Elder Bridge and I taught when I was in Covington last. Both went well, I think; it's nice to be able to sit down and teach instead of biking all day to see people who aren't home lol...
Wednesday we went to early morning seminary to share a message with the kids, then we played "Fiery Darts"; a person sits in a chair in the middle of a circle of people, and has to find the scripture mastery announced by the teacher. While they are searching their scriptures, everyone else is throwing Nerf darts at them lol! I didn't do too badly on my turn; I never memorized the scripture mastery like I was supposed to, but on my mission I have used a lot of them in teaching. I never thought I would be a scriptorian, and I am not still, but I'm a lot better at scripture chases now. I love reading the scriptures! 
After that we helped at a food pantry at Solid Rock Baptist Church for a few hours; I love doing stuff like this! We get to serve and be helpful while not being overbearing or have people feel like we are pressuring them or something; it's a comfortable way to share what we know and do without getting people angry at us lol... and I've always been a believer that actions speak louder than words! Then a member took us to Pizza Hut, and after that, we took some pictures of downtown Covington; did you know that a lot of movies have been filmed there? Dukes of Hazzard, Sweet Home Alabama, and, most importantly, Remember the Titans! One of the fields they played on in the movie was close by, so I'll be enclosing some pics of that lol; it was awesome! 
After that we tracted until we exchanged back with Conyers; we had another appointment with Rachel that night with Sister Nolden, which went well; we watched the Restoration with her and answered her questions. She was going to be out of town for this weekend, but after that she said she would come to church; sweet! While I was gone, Elder Kallon and Bridge taught Charles twice; he is progressing really fast; the only hold up is the smoking, which we are working on with him. I hope he's still good for the 11th...
Thursday we went to try to see a ton of former investigators; most of them weren't home or moved, but we did get a few return appointments, so we'll see. We taught Charles the word of wisdom that night, and it went well; pray that he can quit...
Friday we weekly planned, and biked A LOT! Most of our appointments fell through, but it's all good; as long as we work hard, I feel accomplished. 
Saturday we also went to try to see formers; most of them weren't home or moved as well, but had a bit more success; we saw alot of J. Dubs that morning lol ;) we waved and smiled at them, and they returned the favor, so it went by without incident...
Sunday was pretty good; Charles came, as well as some of the formers we saw this week, so it was sweet! They also went to the YSA fireside that night, and loved it! Things are going pretty well here now...
That's about it. 
Thanks for being awesome, love ya so much! 
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson
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