Monday, May 6, 2013

Lots of birthdays this month in the mission

Last district meeting for Elder Kallon.
Hey, howdy, hey!
Things are looking up in the land of birthdays and shrimp tacos! Thanks for the package, everything was great! I loved the shirt especially; in fact, I'm wearing it right now lol! I'll send a picture!
So when is a good time to skype? My companion has to do it after 2pm, and it will probably take place at our dinner appointment (which is probably between 6-7 for us, 4-5 for y'all...), but we can make arrangements...
So my zone leader (Elder Diehl)'s birthday was the 4th, my new comp Elder Moore's was on the 5th, mine is on the 7th, and Elder Chugg (whom y'all saw last time I skyped: the redhead) and Elder Edmunds his comp are also on the 7th! Holy cow, it's a birthday palooza! Sister Nolden got everyone some delicious birthday brownies, so life is good! 
So we have been seeing Charles frequently; he is still good to go on baptism, we are still working on smoking, but he says he'll be good by his baptismal date (next week), and I believe him. He is a cool old guy who has tremendous faith; he doesn't need or want any explanation or proof; he says he already knows it's all true, he just wants to learn how he can use it to come closer to God. He is probably the most prepared person I have met! It's too bad he may be moving at the end of the month back to North Dakota, we got to get him baptized and get him the priesthood before that happens...
Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer (picture is below), and went to a pretty cool burrito place that was expensive lol, then we went to go say goodbye to people for Elder Kallon, and then went to finish his packing. It was one of the smoothest transfers I have ever had; we just waited at the apartment for Covington Outer to drive over Wednesday morning and do the swap. When we were done, Elder Moore and I went out to Moe's, a popular burrito place with an awesome soda machine! We then went to see all of our gators so Elder Moore could get to know them all. Then we had dinner with a very nice lady who can't cook...
Thursday we went to go see some Young Single Adults, and ended up meeting some crazy people who live in a shack behind someone's house... it was kinda crazy...
Friday we weekly planned, then went to Zaxby's with Spanish; I'm not sure what I will do when I leave Georgia, because I'm addicted to Zaxby's lol! Then my companion got a long screw in his tire, so we had to call the zone leaders for help! We got the tube replaced, and got back to work! 
Saturday we got rained out, so we didn't get much done...
Sunday we had some gators come to church, and one of them bore their testimony! It was pretty sweet. Sundays are my favorite days, because we get to be the ones taught for once lol
That's about it. Thanks for being an awesome family, I'll see ya when I skype ya! take luck! 
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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