Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Elder Dickson, and I approve this message

!Hola familia! ?Que hora es? Estoy bien, gracias.
Seriously, how the heck are y'all doing? Is it snowing in Nebraskaaa yet? How is school/ work/ play/ life? How is everyone else who reads this e-mail?
My week has been pretty good; we actually got some lessons in, and got a hold of people on the phone we have been trying since we got here, so things are moving in the right direction.
Tuesday was a bit crazy; we were told we had to be in by 6p.m. just in case something happened during or after the elections. Kinda sketchy, but we made it okay; just played RISK and read scriptures the whole night, then found out from a member texting us who had won. A bummer I guess, but on Wed. our Mission President made us feel better about it by explaining that all things are in the Lord's will, and that the campaign brought a lot of awareness and curiosity about the church. There were some rough patches, but I'm confident that most of the feedback from this whole "Mormon President" thing was positive; myths were dispelled, people were asking questions, and Billy Graham took us off his cult list, so that's something lol. I feel like a lot more people understand that we are Christian (those that followed the race, anyway), and if that's all that came from this campaign, Mitt did his job. Despite any ill feelings we have, we need to shake it off and remember that we support our leaders in this country. Anyway, enough of me being all political and philosophical, no need to continue torturing y'all with my babbling lol; it's just my views on a lot of things have changed, as well as my priorities. A few years ago, I would be the last person you would catch talking about politics or whatever. Every time I read out of the war chapters in the Book of Mormon, all I see are politics and the world today. The theme of the Book of Mormon is that when a nation is divided against itself, they will destroy each other. If ye keep my commandments, ye shall prosper in the land. If ye keep not my commandments, ye have no promise. That is in the Book of Mormon about 20 times or so. Coincidence? I think not! That promise is still in effect on this continent...
Anyway, I'm doing it again.
Wednesday was zone conference, and we had Elder Giddons of the Seventy spoke to us about justification and purification, pretty much calling us to repentance in a super spiritual way. It was pretty cool, I love zone conference; it gets so so pumped up for the month. It's like a missionary pep rally, except less screaming and more testifying. I also met another Elder I went to school with (what's with Timpanogos and cranking out the GANM elders?); Elder Thorne. That brings it up to 4, being Elder Youd, Elder McAllister, Elder Jones, and him. Sister Coleman was our neighbor, but she went to MT. View. It's just kinda crazy to see people from my premortal existence (before my mission I mean lol).
Thursday we did work! We biked all over our map and contacted a ton of people, including less-actives and former gators. Trying to fill our teaching pool has been a slow process, but were working on it! We saw Keithe that morning too. He told us he was praying to see what was it he was supposed to get out of meeting the elders and coming to church... then told us his answer was that when he was coaching soccer, he didn't play one of the members daughters (like 10 years ago) because he wanted to win, and has felt bad about that ever since. He feels like the reason he was brought here was to apologize for something that the girl doesn't even remember. It was sort of anti-climatic when he started talking about praying for answers lol, but it brought him to church, so I'll take it for now lol!
A kid named Jordan Mack (younger brother of Jenn Mack, the member's soccer playing daughter just mentioned), is leaving tomorrow for a mission in the Philippines; he gave a super spiritual talk this Sunday; I wish him luck, he's a good kid.
Spanish elders had a baptism last Saturday for a 10 year old girl whose siblings are members, but the parents are not (yet!). It was pretty cool to see Elder Grant get his first baptism (she asked him to baptize her) in the mish.
I don't have time today to write all I want, but I feel like it is time to talk about what I should do for school and such; also, when I get the chance, I do have a small Christmas list of some necessities, like shoes and shirts and stuff.
I love y'all and miss y'all and will see your bright happy faces in a little more than a month on the computer screen. Take Luck!

Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson
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