Monday, June 11, 2012

A new challenge ...

It's what's for dinner ... just kidding!

Hola, Familia!
Greetings from the land of government housing and... I guess that's about it.
I spent most of the time Monday and Tuesday saying goodbye to all the members and converts and others whom I became incredible friends with. I got pictures, but had to use Elder Youd's camera (I had forgotten mine at the apartment), so I have to wait for him to e-mail them to me so I can e-mail them to you. It was sad, but it had to happen eventually. I'll never forget anyone in Kennesaw, though; my favorite area by far, in the best companionship (when I was with both Elder Bowers and Elder Youd). It's definitely a place I would return to visit someday.
Early Wednesday we drove to Lilburn (so Elder Youd could pick up his new greenie), then got a ride down to the Snellville building, where I got a ride down to Jackson with my new comp, Elder Hansen, from a small town I can't remember the name of, in Wyoming. He's a cool kid; he just got done being trained, and he's a far better missionary than I am; kind of quiet, but knows his stuff. He has been in Jackson his whole mission so far (poor kid...), so he knows it like the back of his hand.
Jackson is the most south of GANM (Georgia Atlanta North Mission), in the Conyers zone; it's like being back home lol. We actually drove past my greenie area on the way down; it was very interesting lol. Jackson on a whole is all farmland; the part we have is the little bit of city, which isn't much. We could walk from one end of our area to another in half an hour, and we usually do. There are only a couple people far enough to bike to save time, but everyone else is in walking distance; we've done nothing but walk the past few days lol. We share an apartment with Elder Boman and Elder Everett, (who cover Jackson Outer); both pretty funny guys. Elder Everett is the DL, and has a car, so we mooch off him a lot for rides and supplies lol. Most of the time though, we walk around looking for formers and potentials and less-actives and tract (just like Conyers lol) but there are a few people here who I'm excited for; two of them have baptismal dates, so we'll see where this goes.
When we got to the apartment, I unpacked, then we had companion study, since we missed it waking up early to transfers. Then we went to go see everyone in town, pretty much. We have met a lot of interesting people this week; some were crazy, some super religious and spiritual, and some with impressive vocabularies. Actually, we are received pretty warmly down here; the admire us for walking the streets, preaching Jesus, but it's "not for them." Don't worry, we'll get 'em!
Church here is in an office space (like the YSA branch in Kennesaw). They do it old school here; Priesthood at 930, Sunday school after that, then Sacrament at 11. First time I've had it like that before. The branch is small, but friendly. Good ole southerners lol.
Not too much has happened yet, so I'll inform y'all if there's any progress next time.
Looks like this are will be a little tougher than Kennesaw (okay, maybe a lot tougher) but this is what I have been praying for; more opportunities to show my diligence, develop patience, and increase my faith. Be careful what you wish for, because you usually get it lol! This wasn't really what I expected, but I'll go where he wants me to go, and I know that if I have the faith, diligence, and heed, I can be lead to the more fertile parts of the land. Church is true, book is blue, and God's a Mormon!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
P.S. WRITE ME, please? Will send more pictures later. Writing lots of letters to send your way so I can get some mail lol! See ya!

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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