Monday, June 18, 2012

The new area (Jackson)

Jackson, Georgia is Casey's new area.
Hello, Dickson Clan!
Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, and pretty much every future or potential father everywhere! How's life in Not-Georgia? Things are pretty decent here; not too much is happening yet, but we got a cool old guy to come to church! He wants to get straight with God, and wants to quit smoking, so we are working with him. We taught him several times this week, and we are shooting for his baptism in July. Cross your fingers!
Also had lunch with a different cool old guy named Curtis; he isn't too interested, but he always wants us over for theological discussions, and discussions of other things, like sports and such. He gave us Apple cake on Father's day, which was awesome! There are a lot of very caring and friendly people in Georgia, even if they don't want to change... yet. We're working on it.
Had another good couple of lessons with a lady whose son had gotten baptized a while ago, and has since moved. She is interested, but won't commit to baptism till she knows it's true. Let's do it! Helping people recognize the truth is what the missionaries do, with a ton of help from the spirit, of course.
There are several less-actives we go see, just to make sure they are seen, and to try to help them get back to church. It always makes me happy when we see them at church.
We also had a couple of dinners this week with some pretty cool members named the Sherwoods and the Joneses; they are always willing to do anything for us, so we keep that in mind lol.
Still haven't met the Jackson's branch president yet; he is still in Scotland, where he served his mission. He was supposed to be back by now, but who knows?
We also had a lunch with this sweet old southern lady, who is the "Mayor" of the street she is on. Nothing happens that she doesn't know about, or approve of lol. She is funny, but also not too interested... yet.
That's about all that has happened this week. A lot of walking and "bounty hunting" (checking out formers and potentials); we did run into a guy who tried to tear down our faith (unsuccessfully, I might add); those kind of things would have shaken me months ago, but my testimony is firmly rooted in my Savior, and in the witness I recieved from the Holy Ghost that this church is true, and that the Book of Mormon is true. No offense to this guy, but I value God's opinion much higher than his. Church is true, the book is blue, and God is a Mormon!
Haven't done too much today; the missionaries here have what they call the kool aid challenge; the record is 12, so I think I got it in the bag lol. Also, i have been asked to speak in church next week; it has been awhile.
In response to your e-mail: Hey Shelby! So is marching band hard? I'm sorry I can't be there to see your parades, but I'll be there in spirit.
Good job on getting 1st place! Can't wait to get back and watch movies with y'all! Hope sports and summer and everything goes well! Love ya, Missy! 
Hey Mom; hope things go well as the move comences; sorry I can't be there to help. Hope the kids are making life easy for ya. Love you so much!
 Hey Devo, good to hear about the NBA Finals; I don't hear enough about it! I actually hope the Thunder take it; this might be there only shot. Take care, Devin!
See y'all in a year or so! Take luck! 
Love, Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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