Monday, July 8, 2013

Knocking on doors in the rain

No guns, just poses.
Hey y'all!
So it has rained ALL week. ALL WEEK. We have never seen this much rain 
in July. 
It made for a dreary Independence day, as well as rained on
our missionary work party lol...
Tuesday I went on exchange with the ZL's, which was fun; I was with
Elder Hoyt, who is from Canada (eh?). It was SO nice to be in a car
all day; we meet a lot of interesting people while contacting; one guy
said, "Holy *beep*, it's the Mormons! How the *beep* are ya?" He was
the nicest person we met all day; he is an atheist, but he was super
nice and animated. Also met a Russian lady and some crazy people;
doesn't get better than that!
Wednesday it started DOWN POURING; we got absolutely drenched! Good
thing I was wearing a polyester tie...
Friday and Sunday we saw Becky and Larry, and had good visits with
them. They are getting closer, just slowly... We talked a lot about
obedience and church attendance, but they haven't come yet; we brought
the bishop with us, hope that helps...
Not much happened this week; just a lot of rain and a lot of knocking
doors with not a lot happening yet. Had one nice family let us in and
give us water; they prayed with us, but don't seem interested in
converting; the world is full of nice people of all faiths...
Elder Christensen, our visa waiter, is heading for Australia in a
week; we'll miss him, but we are also excited he is finally going
where he is supposed to be; my only son has grown up so fast
All my friends in the Conyers Zone got the ax; now they are in the
Georgia Atlanta Mission... oh well, at least I can e-mail them now...
I will be coming back home without any money or civilian clothes or
car or driver's licence lol so I'll go wherever you will take me...
I am sending some boxes home (to the Hall's address; idk where y'all
are now...) full of ties and books and stuff I can't really take with
me lol...
This ID thing has been the biggest headache for the past 6 months lol!
I have been trying so hard, and when I finally thought I had all that
I needed, they didn't accept my letter signed by President that says I
don't have bills or school records or work records to prove my
residency, so I'm gonna try a different DMV and see if they would be
more accepting; I'm gonna try still to get an ID, but Sister
Conners and I have a few ideas if that doesn't work... I had a UVU ID
at one point back home, I have no idea where that is at home... I'll
keep trying on my end; if you find anything with my picture on it,
that would be cool lol...
I haven't really noticed a difference being DL; I just take numbers
and conduct district meeting... I am responsible when things happen,
but nothing has happened yet (knock on wood)... Being organized is one
of my achilles heels, but it's been working out.
On the fourth we just tracted all day; we had hot dogs at a member's
house, but no fireworks; it has been raining all week, so everyone in
town missed out, not just us lol!
Sorry this is super short, not much has happened aside from trying not
to think about home...
Love y'all so much!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
Called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (July 2011 to July 2013)