Monday, February 4, 2013

The coolest missionaries in Georgia!

Saving souls LIKE A BOSS!
"Going tracting LIKE A BOSS!"

"Making faces LIKE A BOSS!"
Hola, familia!
I had neglected to mention last Monday that we had gone to early-morning seminary (taught at the Colton's home) to talk about missionary work. It went well; the youth here are pretty awesome!
So this week we had some excitement; a tornado warning! My second one(The first one was in Kennesaw)! Elder Schmidt's first, how sweet; this Wednesday we were told at about 10 in the morning to stay inside and stay down. We spent the whole day playing board games and sleeping and watching and listening to the wind and rain. The Tornado wasn't anywhere near us, but it was still both exciting and boring at the same time. We were allowed to go back out at 6, so we went to the Bishop's for dinner, and got a list of people he needs help finding. It was good, but as a missionary, inside days are even worse lol! It's not like we can watch t.v. or drive somewhere; on the positive, I got to know my scriptures a lot better!
Thursday we taught Matt, the guy who used to be a member, and wants to be retaught; we spent a few weeks trying to locate his records (just to make sure he wasn't still a member), and when we didn't find them, we went over and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end). He is so legit! It's almost like he has gone through the lessons before lol ;) He answers all the questions correctly, asks good questions, and does the thing we ask him to do (pray, read, etc.) It's refreshing; it's been awhile since we have taught in general, let alone anyone legit...
He also came to church, which is stellar! It's been awhile since that happened as well...
Friday we had dinner with the Macks, who are pretty cool; they got 2 sons on missions right now. We also had a surprise guest; the former Elder Hernandez (a.k.a. Leo, pictured below)! He has only been home for like 3 months or so, but he came back to say hi to everyone! It was cool to see him. We might be playing ball with him today...
Saturday we helped someone move... surprise! Mormons helping with a move? That never happens lol! The lady that was moving was a less-active member; the first time I met her was that morning... don't mean to be rude, but it was interesting the way she resurfaced when she needed help moving...
Anyway, happy thoughts! Sunday was fantastic; we had our mission president and Elder Giddens, our Area Seventy, came and spoke for the third hour, and he sat in with us for Gospel Principles! It was a good Sabbath for Matt to come! It was fast and testimony meeting, which is always good; a formerly less-active member, whom we had help move a few weeks before, bare a powerful testimony about how his daughter, who is on a mission, baptized her grandparents in Japan! He says he is back for good, which was super cool to hear! President Wolfert is a good guy; his comments in class and his training in combined elders/high priests were awesome!
The nine year old is still on track for her baptism this coming Saturday! Cross your fingers! She was sick, so they didn't make it to church, but we only have one more lesson, then the interview, then the water!
We spent plenty of time biking and finding, so we are still trying to get new gators, because our old ones stink...
All these pictures are of Elder Schmidt and myself, posing like bosses! We are definitely a weird companionship; he's the bad cop and I'm the good cop. He is bold and fired up, I am the peacemaker; it makes teaching interesting...
That's about all this week.
Go Ravens! I was excited when I heard they won, go Pitta and Kruger!
I'll write y'all more next week, the timer is almost up...
Thanks for being the best family in the world! Love y'all!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson
Return with glory! Former Elder Hernandez and current Elder Dickson.

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
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