Monday, February 11, 2013

"I like to look for rainbows, whenever there rain ...‏"

Elder Dickson and Elder Schmidt with Isabelle and her mother at the baptism.

Happy Monday! How y'all doin'?
First, we had Isabelle baptized this past Saturday, it was great! More details to follow...
Second, Transfer calls were today and Elder Schmidt and I are staying together; yay! Elder Schmidt is one of my favorite companions, and we got a few baptism prospects to finish up here before I go, so I'm happy! My buddy Elder Chugg is the new assistant; Elder Hanny (who was AP for almost 10 months) is a ZL in a troublesome zone lol. It's been kind of a crazy transfer for everyone except us...
So Tuesday we decided to do a last second exchange so our district leader, Elder Gomes from Brazil, could interview Isabelle for her baptism. I went to Peachtree South with Elder Larsen (my buddy Elder Everett's greenie!); we had dinner with a fun family that had a nephew who went to Mt. View... don't know him, but he played lax and football, so we probably played each other...
Later that night, we went and taught a Part-member family; the husband was a non-practicing Jew who thinks too much, which was a little frustrating, but by the end we just testified of our love for him and that he should pray to God to find out for himself. He seemed touched by that, but we'll see.
Meanwhile, in John's Creek...
Elder Schmidt and Elder Gomes taught a super spiritual lesson to Isabelle, gave her a blessing (she was sick...), and did the interview. It went perfect, from what I heard. The mom is expressing more and more desire to come to church and read the Book of Mormon, which is a lot of progress from like a month ago, when she wouldn't even talk to us or answer the phone. The Kellys love us now, especially Elder Schmidt; I might have told you he arranges flowers for a living (which is a lot cooler than it sounds), and he made a corsage for Isabelle and her mom for the baptism. We have them now!
Then Gomes and Schmidty taught seminary the next morning, while Larsen and I got to sleep in to 630 lol. In Peachtree I helped a family move in, then we swapped back.
Thursday we had a team up with Brother Oyervides; we tried to see some referrals with little success, then went to go see some new move-ins, another part-member family; they were super nice, and they live close, so we'll see...
Saturday, the big day, was super stressful, of course; Satan never tries harder than the week of a baptism! Everything seems to go wrong at the last second. However, "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing"!
They showed up a bit late, and we had a very sweet service; her 16 year old cousin baptized her, and her uncle confirmed her the next day, at church (which they were late to, of course...). We got to bear our testimonies at the end of the program, and Elder Schmidt blew it out of the water, of course; he is probably the most hyped-up, quirky, spiritual person I've met!
That Sunday a young man was having a farewell, as well as a senior couple, the Johnston's; they were heavily involved
in helping the Kelly's come back to church and get their daughter baptized. They are going to Japan, where Brother/Elder Johnston served many years ago lol. They gave great talks and we went over to their farewell party. They had it at the Tanner's house, which is pretty much a mansion! They had chauffeurs to take us from the parking lot to the front door, and had a racquetball court downstairs lol! I totally want to be rich when I grow up lol!
Today we probably won't do much, since everyone has to pack (except for me... ;) ). All these pics our of the baptism except for the last two, which are of the day we moved.
Thanks for being the best family I could of asked for! Take luck! Love y'all!
Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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