Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Casey's first letter from the MTC!

Hello Family!
They finally got my e-mail to work; it turns out that in my account, the Bishop (or possibly me) forgot to mark me as a missionary on the site, so that's why it wouldn't let me access the missionary mail site. Go figure.
So how is everybody? Thanks for all the packages by the way, everyone in my dorm is jealous. I enjoyed the Peachios immensely (don't worry, I shared), and thanks for the shirts and other clothes, I almost ran out; since we have Gym every day but P-day and Sunday, I went through all my clothes, so your last package really helped.

Dad - It is definitely different here at the MTC; I didn't know quite what to expect, but I'm loving every moment of it! So tell me how work is going, how you are doing, etc. I sent some letters to mom that I hand wrote, but I don't have your address (I know I wrote it down, but now I can't find it) so maybe Devin could scan them and send them to you (I'm not sure if he knows how to scan, though), or maybe just physically mail it to you. Love and miss you! Show those Nebraskans how sports is done! P.S. My MTC companion is elder Andreason from Apple Valley, California; he is the district leader now, and I'm his assistant. He is smart and fun and cool... just like me!

Mom - Thanks for the notes and the packages and the check; they will all come in handy. How's volleyball going? Shelby and the girls looking ready yet? Tell me what you guys have been up to. I think I'm good on shirts so far, but I'll write if I need more. Love you and miss you!

Devin - Thanks for the notes and the updates, keep them coming! How's basketball prep going? What's TOR up to? It is pretty awesome here, but i can't wait to get out there! Miss you, love you, may the force be with you!

Shelby- thanks so much for your notes; it makes me miss poking you and bugging you and teasing you to death. I bug my companions instead, but it isn't the same. How's volleyball going? Piano? Getting ready for High School? let me know what ya'll are up to!

The MTC is both challenging and rewarding; I am learning so much, I think my head might explode! And I'm having fun with my roomates (Elder Andreason, Elder Robinson from Spokane Washington, and Elder Brimacombe from Alberta, Canada (who gets kind-heartedly teased for it), but not too much fun! I'm here to work.

While I do miss ya'll, I know that I made the right choice by going on a mission, and I'm so excited to serve the people of the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. I bear my testimony about missionary work; I know that if we can bring but one soul unto God, how great will His joy be, and if we bring many souls to Him, how much greater will be His joy! I know that great blessings come from serving a mission, for both me and you guys, and I want to help others receive the blessings and joy I have had in my life, and will have in my life to come!

Elder Casey Guy Dickson

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Casey Guy Dickson

Casey Guy Dickson
Called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (July 2011 to July 2013)